For us- Steak Lovers

For the record, Steak, medium or well done is my comfort food ever, this is my simple pleasure. Whenever I’m out to reward myself, Steak is always my first option.

And since this is my best food, here are the types of steak cut;

  1. Tenderloin- I believe that this is the most expensive cut of steak. This is usually taken under the ribs. The meat is lean and usually cut in thick slices.
  2. Sirloin- Boneless.  Behind the ribs and comes with a little fat throughout the meat.
  3. T-Bone-  Bone-in. Just as its name, it comes in t-shape bone with meat on both sides with fat on the sides of the meat.
  4. Rib Eye- Boneless or bone-in. Lots of fat throughout the meat.

Since I’m a certified steak lover, I happened to track down almost all the Steaks-houses within the area, and some were not even in the picture as I wasn’t able to take photo of the hundred steaks I’ve eaten, haha! If you are looking for the best steak in BH, here are some places where you can find the best steak ever.

The best I’ve been- Bennigans,  Juffair, Bahrain. I’ve tried almost all of their steaks.


Location: Avenue 22, Bahrain

Phone: 1781 3750

The steaks in Fridays is not bad either, I would always love to match it with a grilled corn & mixed veggies.



Location: Murjan Centre, Juffair

Le Jardin
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Restaurants in Bahrain

This doesn’t seem very extraordinary or very unusual place, but I find it quite satisfying to try some Japanese Resto for some time.

To have shabu-shabu!

Shabu shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish of thin-sliced meat and vegetables in boiled broth.

Boiled in the metal pot at the center of the dining table, while the pot is simmering, the ingredients are placed in the pot and is cooked at the table.


And since I haven’t tried this for a very long time, having this once again after so long is kinda exquisite and distinctive to my taste bud.


Plus, finally, I found the best ever siomai ever steamed in BH. =)


… who can ever say no to this tempting, delightful mouthwatering mint ice cream for dessert?

I don’t usually choose Japanese food (especially this very light one) to any get together with friends and I don’t prefer to eat buffet as well since I eat very little, but this is the kind of food that you will enjoy until the last drop of soup, so I would highly recommend trying at least once every while, plus very affordable for BD10.5.

Location: NANO Japanese Restaurant- Manama Bahrain

You will definitely love it!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to review this restaurant. This is my personal review only.

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Restaurants in Bahrain

After almost three months, I and my friends decide to meet out for dinner.

It has been a while since the last time we had a get together in a Korean Restaurant, Da Rae Jung, where food is quite expensive I would say but not that exquisite, well from my taste of food.–> Actually, it’s not that bad haha! But the fact that I do not like much of Korean food says it all.

Again, it’s a Monday Club on a Tuesday night dinner! 

After suggesting a lot of options from different fine-dine restaurants, we finally decided to try BAMBU!

It ’s a variety of Chinese, Thai, Vietnam cuisine. If you are craving for Chinese food, definitely I would suggest the superb food of BAMBU.


From Salt and Pepper prawns to mussels, to prawn toast and chicken rolls, and a variety of others, Beef, and chicken. 

The price is about BD12.500 per head but alcohol is not included if you want to go for with unlimited alcohol, the price would be BD16.


Mussels and Tempura.


With free Jasmine-tea after the meal.

Dinner starts from 7PM to 11Pm daily.

Location: Adliya, Bahrain

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Where to eat in Bahrain- Le Meridien

Restaurants in Bahrain

Le Meridien Hotel is a 5 Star Hotel directly attached to City Center, BH Largest Mall. With that, they have one of the Best Restaurant named Baharat that offers a variety of cuisine, International, Mediterranean, Sushi, European, and Asian among others and have the chance to experience the Live cooking stations.

Ik, the price is a little bit costly, BHD28++ inclusive,(something like PHP4k per person) free flow of alcoholic beverage and BHD19++ inclusive, free flow of non-alcoholic beverage, but then, the quality of food, the ambiance, and the service is excellent, plus of course, what do you expect for a five-star hotel?

It’s like we were planning to set dinner with my old friends (used to be Monday Group), for a very long time but as always, we couldn’t find the best time when everyone is free as one would always be out of the Country. Until finally, we all decided to get together this Wkend (though some are still out of the Country) and pick Le Meridian Hotel in Seef area.

TBh, I’m not fond of Sashimi and sushi, haha, strange but true, I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t eat much of this food, but since there are a lot of choices and it was a Seafood Buffet that night, with a variety of starters and appetizers, so I agreed.


The food was exceptional, the seafood options were all so delicious and in good sized portions and different cooking. The choice of salads, cheeses, bread, sides, and desserts are exquisite. It is seafood night, but there are also choices for vegan, Asian, Indian and others. Free flow of unlimited drinks, I think I had a glass of pina colada, and a few glasses more of Mojito.

Not to mention that the staff was also so friendly, helpful and courteous and The band is great musicians, the whole experience with friends are a truly remarkable one.


So I had Oysters and Lobsters and Prawns to name a few.

To end with, I had fun with old friends. That (almost) once a year get together was a night full of catching up from the long lost time since everyone is now busy with own family life. I remember how we used to drink and rock the different bars and hotels until the wee hours of the morning, about 8 years ago and how life would eventually change when you started to focus on the real life.

Good food, good friends, a night of catching up, perfect restaurant!