Boulevard 202

Take your family and enjoy fun rides along with super fun attractions for everyone at Boulevard 202, located in Muharraq Grand Park!

The entrance fee is 300fils each for adults and free for babies and small toddlers up to 2 years old. Ticket rides are Bhd1.5 for adult rides and 500fils for kiddie rides.

It’s a high-profile amusement park destination with giant dinosaurs, an instagrammable view that is perfect for a trying-hard photographer like me, free kids’ play area, and a lot of fun rides for adults and toddlers with the ticket.

I guess the main attraction of the park is the Boulevard- Circus with tickets at Bhd5 for kids and bhd8 for adults that features high-calibre acts from the professional performers around the world- as they say.

Also, If you want to scare yourself, try the Zombie Zone area for bhd3/ticket.

But then, you can just walk around, enjoy the free sight and let your kids play in the fountain- which I liked the most, with the word “Muharraq Garden” and some stars and other shapes made of water that attractively falls in the middle of the fountain that looks enticing to me while I sit on the luminous benches in different colors.

I have seen that there are a lot of coffee shops and snack kiosks inside in case you get hungry and you can sit comfortably on the cozy wooden chairs and tables that are cutely made rounding the palm tree with lights.

So as usual, my toddler loved the rides and he doesn’t want to go out. He always loves the amusement parks, and once you take him there, it’s better you get him the ride all you can or else, you will spend a lot of money paying for tickets one by one, but unfortunately, they do not offer the ride all you can so I have to buy the ticket rides separately for 500fils.


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