Review- NOBODY

Spoiler ahead, haha!

As much as I’m fascinated with Time Travel and Sci-fi films and having a very little interest in Drama, I happened to cross over this Sci- Fiction Drama Film titled Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto while browsing on Net Flix.

And to my surprise, it’s actually good, if not to consider one of the films that made a great impact on me. I literally cried (can’t help it) to the character’s life choices and decisions and the possible outcome on his multi-selves dimension.

To start with, this is the story of Nemo, a 118-year-old last mortal on earth (after the human race has achieved the immortality, the year 2092) as he narrates the three stages of his life at the age of nine, fifteen and thirty-four. Beginning from the time he was obliged to make a very critical choice on his parent’s split-up and how alternate paths branched in between (two alternate storylines when he chose to remain with his father and the other story when he chose to live with his mother) showing all the possible outcomes and possible futures from his different decisions and life choices and how he tries to find the correct decision in every choice he made up to the conclusion of what could have been, what could have happened if he chose a different one.


Interesting right? It’s actually Sci-fiction Time travel with a touch of reality. How life would be if we were able to see our future self ahead upon every single decision we make in life and have the chance to go back and choose a different path and re-correct the mistakes by having multi-versions of ourselves in different dimensions of our choice like NEMO with his different life- Life when he stayed with his mother, Life when he stayed with his father, Life with his three wives, with different kids, with different houses and different career, and all with different endings.

I’ve always had this weird fantasy sometimes I wish I could see the future me and I could go back and re-do some of the bad decisions I made in the past and to clearly see how would I be if I chose a different one.

But what amazed me was the conclusion at the end, that NEMO might have never been existed and wasn’t born after all. He was just a product of the nine- year old child imagination at the train when he is about to make a very critical choice in his life.

This film is one of the most engaging pieces of drama I have seen in such a long time. It was boring at the beginning but once you get to understand the story, with all the flashbacks and visions of his would-be life in the future, you will definitely get hooked. Tbh, the movie is difficult to follow for an ordinary watcher. I literally cried on some scenarios with his father, with his mother, how we waited for the love of his life, Ana, and how they never met in another timeline. The story’s sense and wide visualization of life and death and time and love and choices made this worth to watch.

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