I have always wanted to visit Vigan, Ilocos Sur for a long long time! Fortunately, I only got the chance during my trip to the Philippines in 2016.
Vigan is somehow the remains of the Spanish era as you could see particularly in Calle Crisologo.
I like the view of this Asian/Spanish Architecture more than the modern ones, tbh.  I love the feeling of going back to old times where all the houses/buildings are made of mixed concrete and wood, the capiz windows, the big front doors, and the kalesa ( the two wheeled-horse drawn carriage).
Calle Crisologo at night is more amazing! We had dinner along the street with their specialty, I had langgonisa (sausage) and chicharon bulaklak ( fried pork intestine) dipped in vinegar with salt, onion, and pepper and bagnet (deep-fried pork) for dinner and later we had a few alcoholic drinks in a nearby restaurant with karaoke.
More so, aside from this spectacular view, if you go a little bit further away, you will see a huge line of street food stalls where you can enjoy affordable snacks while wandering along the park.
Here are some photos I have snapped during the trip.


The city is unique in the Philippines because it is one of many extensive surviving Philippine historic cities, dating back to the 16th century.
All in, I had fun and enjoyed the scenery in Ilocos Sur. I’ll definitely come back soon…


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