The New Bahrain International Airport

And so finally, we are traveling International after exactly a year and a half! We are going for a PH vacation! I know it’s kinda inconvenient to travel these days amidst the pandemic, but we have to go all through these hassles due to some important matter that we have to attend to.

For a starter, please know that we are both (husband and I) fully vaccinated and our son has a flu vaccine, just in case. But still, we have to be extra careful, will still practice social distancing, follow the proper health protocols, and wear mask/ face shield if necessary every day.

So much for the long intro, to begin with, I just want to flex our newly opened ( less than a year of operation I guess) International Airport. Although the old one is not that bad in terms of cleanliness, service, and maintenance, the new airport is much bigger and more convenient in many ways!

From the very first time I set foot in an airport, (been to a lot) I have to say that BH Airport is one of the best!

I love traveling, and so, I so much love airports! I just love to be there and wait for my flight. I love the waiting. I love the Duty Free. I even love just to sit down there and eat and watch people’s faces walking around. Oh well, I actually blog why I love airports way back before, just couldn’t help not to write over and over again, (giggles)


This is the Entrance going to the check-in. See how it is well maintained and awesome clean.

Sanitizer booth everywhere

You can find sanitizer booths almost everywhere.

A walkway for those who are too tired to walk with heavy bags.😀

And this is what I love the most! A waiting chair where you can actually stretch your legs, lie down and relax, or even take a nap!

Ready to board the big plane, toddler!

Not to mention that the air conditioning unit is very good, my son has to wear a jacket inside despite this mid-hot summer season. This is our first time flying to the new airport and I would gladly say it’s very convenient. I didn’t have much time to roam around as I have a toddler to attend to, but as far from whatever I’ve seen, restaurants, shops, charging stations, smoking areas, toilets with baby changing stations and all, this would be one of the BH greatest pride.


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