Must Watch- Movies

Since RJ is on vacay, I have a lot of free time these days after work just lying idle at home watching online movies.

And I’m not saying I was bored because definitely not. I was always looking forward to my alone-time every evening, lying on the bed with a bag of chips or anything to munch, dim lights, under my blanket, streaming movies online.

Just sad that every movie I picked to watch always turned out to be a good  Lovestory with a sad ending.

But I love those!

To name a few,  Here’s the best I’ve seen:


1. EVERY DAY. Oh well, this is the story of a traveling spirit named A who wakes up each morning in a different body. Never to the same person again, and never on the same body twice.Until he wakes up to the body of one teen named Justine and fell in love with Rhiannon,  the girlfriend of that person. From day onwards, he tried to communicate with Rhiannon from different bodies and they fell in love. But of course, how could a story like that end up happy? At the end of the film, A decides to find a true-love for Rhiannon, a real person and not a soul while he keeps traveling from body to body but leaves a track by posting photos on Instagram.

I like the song from the film,

“Well you didn’t wake up this morning ‘cause you didn’t go to bed

You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red

The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off

You’ve been reading some old letters

You smile and think how much you’ve changed

All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those daysYou pull back the curtain

And the sun burns into your eyes

You watch a plane flying

Across a clear blue sky

This is the day, your life will surely change

This is the day when things fall into place….”


2. MIDNIGHT SUN. Well, actually doesn’t really seems original but I loved the flow of the story. With no dull moment. A girl who had a rare disease that she couldn’t be exposed to sunlight. She had a long time crush since childhood and eventually, they fell in love until the day of her death.


3. MEET ME IN ST.GALLEN. This is a Filipino Film. An artist met an aspiring musician one day and spent the entire day with him and though they created a great impact on that day, they went on separate ways at the end of the night like a total stranger just so not to spoil that wonderful perfect evening and only to meet again several years later at the same coffee shop where they first met but then the guy is already engaged to someone else, but this time, they made love only to part ways again both with heavy hearts and to meet again two years later when the guy followed her  to Europe and proposed to her that he realized he loved her and that he didn’t pursue the wedding plans only to find out that she is now in love with someone else and wouldn’t change her life just because he has changed his. But you can clearly see that they both have a fascination with each other…a real love that is always at the wrong time.

It’s really heartbreaking. How could be two people that you know is so much in love with each other couldn’t be together until the end? Another sad ending.


4. 100 TULA PARA KAY STELLA. Another Filipino Film. This is the story of two College Students who met and became the best of  friends while they were still freshmen, and all throughout the film which is the entire duration of their College days, the guy is secretly in love with her though he couldn’t say it loud because he had a speech problem, but he writes poem for the girl to express his love (and made 100 poems) and when he finally had the guts to show to her, and tell her that he had loved her from the beginning,  the girl is already married to someone else who was there during the time when she was really down and hopeless and nowhere to go. They remained friends since then but the heartache the love caused both of them is really devastating! It’s really heavy to accept the pain.

And the heartache these films gave me is also incomparable, haha. But really, I enjoyed it.

I’ve seen a few more, but I guess this four is enough for now.

Highly recommended!


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