Review- Bohemian Rhapsody Film

Finally, The Long wait is over. Bohemian Rhapsody, the biographical film about the British Rock band Queen is now showing in Cinemas.  The story about Queen,  their Music and the extraordinary life of the Band Lead Singer- Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara in real life), on and off the stage life,  his drug addiction, his gay-life, exploited by the wrong crowd and friends and his battle after being diagnosed with AIDS infection.

My thoughts about it? Although it has been observed that a one and a half hour film wouldn’t be able to tackle and compress Freddie’s colorful life, only on limited measures since it fails to elaborate much of Freddie’s life and times and his sexuality. It feels like the story is being told in a fast-forward mode that the audience was completely left out disappointingly, wanting to explore more all the highlights of his story in a much more detailed manner.

I like the portrayal of almost every one of the cast. Rami Malek impersonation of Mercury is terrific. Although his transformation is slightly exaggerated particularly those dental prosthetics (that made him look a little bit like a rat)  and his accent is quite a little bit over-do. But then, he totally nailed how he deploys every move, even a snap of the finger,  the energy, and flamboyance of Mercury.

Gwilym Lee as Bryan May, (Oh well, I think Gwilym Lee is a much better Bryan May than Bryan May is Bryan May), Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, and Joseph Mazzelo as John Deacon looks similarly the same and did a great job on their portrayals as well, no doubt about that.

Overall, It’s a great movie, great cast, something worth to watch because of everyone’s superb performance although some are entirely superficial. Rami Malek does a brilliant job and the film entirely relied on his portrayal. A masterpiece though it wasn’t written accurately.

Mercury is a Legend. Whether or not it is accurately told, the performance itself did well. The Live aid part (the highlight of the movie) actually made me believe that I’m watching it for real.

Not to mention that for some reason, I felt sad when I re-watched the QUEEN Live Aid performance again that made me want to cry. Just by watching him perform that day, regardless of his illness, the high energy is actually heartbreaking.

Freddie Mercury and Queen indeed are one of the most beloved performers on the planet. They reached unparallel success during their time, and one of the GREATEST ROCK BAND IN HISTORY.


Queen is definitely the Best Entertainer of all time! And yeah, I’ve always admired Queen for the longest time now…

5 Stars 🙂


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