A Quick Tour of BH- Part 2


Bahrain Bay is a Commercial and Residential area located in the Island of Bahrain. It is a sophisticated wide waterfront walkway that goes around the Island.

We went there one weekend with friends to walk around and waited for Iftar to have coffee in Caribou- this side of the park is a very nice place for the kids to play where they put up a small kids play area with a fountain, slides, spiral slides. see saws, and swings for big and small kids just opposite the coffeeshop where you can sit at the tables outside and enjoy your coffee while watching your kids play at the same time. We usually go there for an hour or two during weekends but only in the kid’s play area just for my son and it was only this weekend we walked around the whole park.

Since it is my first time to roam around the park in full, I find it very fascinating and relaxing with a very nice weather since it is very near to the sea, (oh well, it is actually an island surrounded by the sea), a garden (loaded with different type of plants- I had few photos in there but didn’t feel like uploading it), the small food shops lined in a row facing the sea (where you can also rent a private little boat that will tour you in the vicinity rounding from The Avenues to Bahrain Bay back and forth- but you can also enjoy watching these boats passes by from the alleys). The place is very neat and tidy, with trashcans everywhere and clean toilets in every corner. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed and biking inside the vicinity as well.

And the nice Bahrain Skyline at night, with the view of the Four Seasons Hotel at the back. This was taken at past around past 6pm so you get to see Bahrain at night with all the lights turned on.

And then my fave turtle mocha from Caribou, and the baby!


After coffee, we went to BAB AL BAHRAIN- it is a historical building located in Manama where you will find the Manama Souq- A traditional stores also called the old bazaar in a narrow street and alleys with red bricks where you get to find a lot of small stores close to each other selling traditional items, Bahrain handmade items, traditional spices, Shirts, electronics and a lot more. It is one of the most popular place for the tourists to visit in Bahrain, surely when you get to travel to BH, this will be one of your bucket list.

This is how we spent Pancit 2nd day off in BH- touring around the City to get him familiarize with the area, and take the bored little toddler as well.


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