Tryin to find a cozy and yet affordable place to celebrate your birthday or any occasion in Cabanatuan City? Well, then I would highly recommend Dulang Restaurant located in Kapt. Pepe Subdivision, Cabanatuan City.

As I was looking for a new place to eat and celebrate, not the usual restaurant we were going, (I’ve rounded different restos, and cafeterias even lugawans around Cabanatuan particularly during my “hungry times” when I crave for something new and unusual. So, we came over to this restaurant which is not very costly ( I mean not that costly but not that cheap either) and yet the food tastes great. I remember I paid around 2k pesos for dinner for 8 people.

But for the record, whenever I go to a restaurant and I was really hungry and plan to eat a full meal, I only change the restaurant but my orders will always be the same. I will always go for chicharon bulaklak for starter and crispy pata and kare kare as the main menu, my usual order.


And since we were celebrating something, we have added up some more menu to our usual order. So, it was like a five-course menu, with rice for almost 2k pesos, which is actually acceptable for a small family gathering when you don’t wanna go thru all the hassle of preparing at home aside from the fact that their cooking is much better.

20190906_19594020190906_19595220190906_20001420190906_20004220190906_200255If you are roaming around Cabanatuan and looking for a place to eat away from the traffic and congested City, do not hesitate to pass by and try this restaurant.

Location: M. De Leon Ave., Kapt. Pepe, 3100 Cabanatuan City

Phone+63 917 637 9092

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