Marassi Beach Club-Summer time

Looking for the best and yet safe spot to unwind this summer at this time of pandemic? I would highly suggest the stunning water of Marassi Beach Club located in the Island of Muharraq with direct access to the beachfront.

Why I like Marassi?

This is one of the best well-maintained beach club in BH.

Great spot.

The water is super crystal clear, the sand is white and clean and the place is well maintained with trash cans everywhere, a lot of food kiosks/coffee shops to choose from along the beach, the view of these portable food trucks are fascinating and as what they call-> instagrammable, there are lifeguards roaming around everywhere, plus, there are so many water sports activities like kayaks, jetskis and paddling boats. They have a free movie night (a widescreen right on the beachside itself) but it starts at 10PM so obviously with a baby, we cant wait for that. In general, this place would be one of the best outdoor experiences for a family.

The entrance fee is Bhd3 for adult & free for toddlers, you can swim from sun up to sundown, food and drinks are not allowed to bring inside. Overall rate, it’s quite good and safe for babies.

And so, my family and I spent Labor day- one day off to get away from the heat of Gudaibia in Marassi, not to mention that this is Jan Francisrain’s first time swimming on the beach and he liked it so much! He had been to a seaside couple of times for grilling or just walking around the shore but this is the first time that he actually went into the water.

Actually, we went there only for a walk the night before and when my son saw the water, he immediately fell in love with it and wanted to jump and play. Too bad that swimming is only allowed during the daytime so we decided to go again the next day to swim.

My Son had a super fun, he doesn’t even want to go out of the water even when it’s time to go!

We will definitely go back again soon! It’s highly recommended.

Marassi Beach Club- Muharraq

Phone Number: 1755 6688


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