A Quick Tour of BH

So as we have a permanent visitor coming to BH- we had spared some time to go for a quick BH tour for the weekend.

At the BH International Airport

Our first stop from the airport is to a traditional local Restaurant named Bukhari and we ordered the best seller machine grilled chicken and oven grilled chicken with Bukhari and mandy rice along with kuboos and hummus and mixed salad as the side dish.

This food has always been a favorite for the desyerto first-timers- as they offer machine and/or oven grill chicken or both on top of a large (as in super large) plate, not to mention unlimited rice. The crushed tomato sauce that comes with it is perfect! You can also have two diferent varieties of rice in one order.

With that, you can have the kuboos (type of bread- organic and homemade), to be dipped in hummus (made of certain beans) as a starter. You may not like it at the beginning, but as you get used to living in the desert, you will surely love it later on.

Our original plan if it’s not yet the beginning of Ramadan was to have breakfast in Tasneem and drive to the far away petrol station in the middle of the desert (the place seems to me like our traditional bus stop/travelers stop in the Philippines where you can stop and take a break and eat from the variety of restaurants in the area. Sometimes I think of the place as the ones we usually saw in the movies like you get to travel long distances and will stop in a small old gas station in the middle of nowhere with a small cold store to freshen up and turned this all to a scary movie) but again, since it is the first day of Ramadan, people are not allowed to eat outside, no restaurants are open either, even ex-pats are not allowed to eat outside from morning till 6pm.

Instead, we went out for a little ride outside the main city the next day, and we drove to the Zallaq Springs- it is open but unfortunately, as it is the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, there were no visitors at that time, and only us. We had a few sets of picture taking and left.

We passed by Bahrain Circuit (one of the famous tourist points in BH- as this is where the Formula 1 racing is happening every year at the beginning of the season)- but again it’s closed and will open at 7PM.

We went back to the City and go to Bahrain Fort in Seef. It is previously called Portuguese Port. It is one of the oldest heritages (Military port) in BH.

The next stop is at Bahrain Bay and let my son play in the kid’s play area until we wait for the restaurants to open for dinner time.

We had our dinner in Supreme Broasted. Broasted is a crispy deep fry chicken but in a different way, everyone will surely love it. It is best to eat it like that without the need for rice. It usually comes with chips (french fries) and kuboos. It is one of the food here in BH I always love and never gets tired of eating.

This was all for the day as we all have to get back to work the next day.

We went out again the next week after,  we went to the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House in the next municipality but although it’s open, it is under construction so we went for a little grocery shopping instead and had dinner at the grill restaurant nearby, where we had mixed grill- tikka, kebab, shish tawook (chicken bits) and biryani, with hummus.


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