A quick get away swim and overnight in the City

Lamarang Hotel and Restaurant is a Resort located in the heart of Cabanatuan City. It’s a complete package with these amenities- a pool, a dine-in restaurant, and hotel rooms. If you are looking for a quick getaway overnight or just a day swim without a plan in the City, then try Lamarang Hotel and Restaurant.

And yes, this is actually not in our plan, but from all the other staycations/going outs/gathering/ we planned previously, this is the only occasion we have had without any obstacle in between-like it never rained, (it rained on Jan Francisrain outdoor 2nd birthday party that we immediately rent a tent and it also rained when we went to Gabaldon), we had a vehicle available for all of us, we got an available room immediately even upon last-minute inquiry, everyone is available on that date, and all.

As I have posted prior to this, we faced a lot of hindrance since early morning on Christmas Day, from not being able to fit in the Fortuner, we are all nine and the vehicle can only accommodate max of 8 (a little bit tight though) so they decided that instead of bringing the other small red car, the other three people will just go and follow us by motorcycle. Just as we thought that everything is gonna be fine now, we found out that every single vacation rental place in Bongabon is fully booked on Christmas day, we just gave up rounding and decided to go home.

And then we came up (my sister and I) with an idea to just take Jan Francisrain for a day swim the next day, 26th December 2021. Actually, I didn’t plan on staying overnight as I thought that we won’t get any available room since it is still holiday break and all must have been fully booked-but luckily we got!

So we went there the next day, had our room cleaned, we had a Family Room good for 5 people with two twin beds and one extra bed, a TV monitor (with only two or three unknown movies saved), a small kitchen with a sink and utensils including electric kettle, no refrigerator, no internet, (they said they are still working on it since we are near the pool and the wifi won’t reach there), one toilet and another separate bathroom- with hot and cold water, fully airconditioned with balcony for Php3000 overnight. It’s not very affordable though, but these rates are quite normal in the City, particularly in Cabanatuan which is a little bit high compared to others. We also took an extra bed for my son’s nanny at Php300.

Upon checking in, ordered late lunch of chicharon bulaklak, chicken cordon bleu, and rice, (we paid around Php800 for these) then I asked to bring some bottles of beer from outside, and then I relaxed by the pool while watching my super happy toddler swimming.

He didn’t want to get out of the water yet but as it is almost late noon, I asked his nanny to take him out of the pool and bathe him.

We went back to the room which is very near the pool and ordered dinner- buttered chicken and a big platter of pancit that costs Php1200. I walked with my son out after dinner with the plan of taking some photos but as soon as he saw the pool again, he wanted to jump I couldn’t control him with the slippery floor and my condition so I took him back to the room and we lay down and watch tv.

This is what I love most about staycations- just be in a room, eat all you can and sleep all day, drink, watch TV or play the internet, cuddling with bebe, no usual cleaning (no need to get up early and do the daily routine even once in a while but to just relax all day! TBH, a one-night staycation isn’t enough for me, so given the chance, I will always take at least a minimum of two nights in every staycation.

The peaceful and relaxing night passed so quickly and the next day I have to move on before lunch as I have some family visitors coming.


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