So, this is not about any of our travels, adventures, restaurant hopping, and all, but just wanna write down some of the beauty essentials I keep on purchasing.

1. SWISS MICELLAR WATER- After I discover the benefit of Micellar water on my face when I tried Ponds which I bought in the Philippines – and I super liked the after effect, then I searched for it in Bahrain and didn’t find any until I found out that one of my favorite beautifying product from Switzerland named SWISS have it as well, so I bought 2 and I’m now using it regularly after work- and will surely purchase again when it’s finished. I super like the soft and clear feeling like I just had a shower after rubbing it with a cotton ball on my face.

2. NIVEA SHEA SMOOTH DEEP MOISTURE SERUM AND SHEA BUTTER LOTION- Switching from Vaseline to Dove to Local Papaya lotions, to Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body (I still have those, btw) but one thing I liked about Nivea is it is not only moisturizing but it’s also good as sunblock lotion whenever we are taking our toddler to the beach.

3. MAYBELLINE FIT ME LIQUID FOUNDATION MATTE– Staying fresh without getting an oily face even after a whole day in the office won’t be possible if it’s not for my favorite brand- Maybelline Liquid Foundation. Just apply a very very very thin layer (even smaller than a pea-size) on your face and will get you a matte look all day long. Also, you won’t even able to finish the full bottle for a year as you only needed a dot size on your finger to spread evenly on your face. Tbh, I still have a few unfinished bottles of them in my cupboard. I just got tired of using the same over and over again as it looked old to me and I want a new one of the same brand. Every time I go out for shopping in the Philippines, I make sure to get one, and replaced the old one.

4. MAYBELLINE FACE POWDER, LIPSTICKS, CRAYONS, AND LIQUID MATTE LIPSTICK– I always love Maybelline when it comes to face beauty essentials. I have been a fan of Revlon as well but later stick with Maybelline more. This hypoallergenic brand never gave me an itch. It’s always good for any type of skin. 

5. NENUCO AGUA DE COLONIA– I Have been a Nenuco user since College though I never buy it from my own pocket (kind of expensive for a regular College stud at that time) and when I got one as Christmas 2021 gift from my sister, I remember how I always refill it in a small perfume container in my bag during College and College Memories came flooding back- yes Nenuco smells like WU-P! It smells like a baby. Good for everyday use without the super harsh smell. Stays fresh all day!

What about you? What are your favorites? 🙂


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