Little Vigan- Gapan City Nueva Ecija

Where to go when you are in Nueva Ecija?

One of the popular place to see these days in Gapan Nueva Ecija is Little Vigan. It is just less than an hour drive from our place in Cabanatuan City. It s best to visit the place in the evening so you can actually see the beauty of the place when all the lights are on.

The place is actually called Lumang Gapan- Nueva Ecija but they named it “ Little Vigan” as it almost the exact image of the Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Yeah, it actually reminds me of the Calle Crisologo with these old ancestral houses, cobblestone streets, ornate street lamps that are really fascinating at night, benches everywhere.

So if you are from Nueva Ecija and still not comfortable going out that far this pandemic but still want to drive around and see other places to change your environment, this is the best place to go.

We haven’t rounded that much as I’m still not capable of long walks in this cobblestone street (due to my recent surgery) but the residents nearby told us that there are also night market near the church if we will just walk a little bit more forward.

There are also restaurants/ cafeterias surrounding the vicinity in case you get hungry.

Christmas decorated ancestral house behind

So, we just had a very quick dinner at the first restaurant we passed by outside. It’s a small cute sizzling house just before the entrance and the ambiance is good, the place is tidy and it’s very cute to see that you get to sit on a wooden table and benches and the flooring is pure stones but unfortunately, the service is very bad, and the food is quite as bad as the service- which is totally in contrast with the very lovely atmosphere. But since we had no choice, and it was getting late, we waited for more than an hour for the food, and they served very cold rice, the binagoongan meal with just a bowl full of bagoong (a Filipino food- paste made of salted or fermented fish used as a condiment) on it and about 5 pieces of meat. The extra order takes another year to come, not to mention that if we didn’t follow up on the order, it will take probably another 5 years to come as the waitress forgot our order (they do not even carry a paper and pen for taking the orders and they only rely on their memory skills to remember all the orders).

I wont recommend this little restaurant as it is better for you to find somewhere more decent than their food but I do recommend the place itself for a little refreshing outdoor fun.



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