Couple on the Backtrack


It’s been a while since I last made a personal review of a series I have seen.

For the past couple of years, I have been binge-watching a lot of foreign series/dramas/Rom-com/Action (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and even Spanish), and although I love most of them, there are still a few that really captures my heart.

So, I highly recommend this 2017, a 12 episodes Korean Drama titled “Couple in the backtrack (Go back couple in some Countries)

It’s available on NETFLIX.

A little bit of spoiler: This is the story of a couple in the present day with one child having been worn out by life, frustrated at how things didn’t turn out the way they imagined would be years ago, and ended up about to part ways (get divorced) due to their individual differences, lack of proper communication, holding their bottled grudge towards each other through the years without realizing they have different circumstance until they were given the chance to go back in their College days once again when they first met.

A story of a housewife and mother struggling day by day and feeling neglected as a person.

A story of a husband who works hard with a small income not to mention he is constantly bullied by his superiors who only want the best for his family but always ended up feeling sorry for himself.

Thus, making them both unhappy.

Transported back to 18 years ago in 1999, (but having their life knowledge in the present day) they started to see life from a different perspective. 

They started to re-discover themselves, giving them the second chance to explore what might have been in the past.

Being partners in life for years and having the chance to go back and re-do things, and the joy that comes with being youth again, they were initially thrilled and excited about what life would have been without the other, and they started to do things differently. 

I love the way the female lead tried to re-construct her relationship with her mother in the new 1999, knowing that she will lose her about 10 years later.  

The only sad thing about this part is having to be constantly reminded that she has a child whom she is 100% connected with in the future which she often dreams about.

But again, their life knowledge changes the way they see things at the moment which is way too different from how they handled things when they were in the actual 1999, their short trip to the past reminded them of how they first fell in love.

In the end, they still choose the same road they walked in the past, but this time, they appreciate life even more & appreciating each other a little bit more. Going back helped them understand each other better.

They still choose each other.

This series brought me to tears for most of the part. Seeing them fall apart & going back again to where they started really moved me. How true love will always prevail. 

This is not just a typical love story – but it is a story of Life as a whole package. Love and relationships, family, friends, Love of a mother to her child, Love for our parents, Love of a father to his family, and how far they would go just to fulfill his role & responsibility as a family man. 

IK, this is just a fictional story, but what if we were given the chance to go back in time without forgetting our present life, would we choose the same path the second time around, or would we re-do things of what we have done before to change our destiny?

Tbh, I’m quite fascinated with time travel things, I love to watch movies & series with the same plot.

I always wonder what would happen if we were given the chance to see our future ahead of time & go back to the past and re-do things that didn’t go well in our future life.

Maybe Life would be easy. We will have the chance to avoid wrongdoings/bad decisions we’ve made in our lives if we were able to see the outcome of these choices. 

But of course, something like that would never happen.


  1. Communication is ALWAYS the key.
  2. There are two sides to the story.
  3. We can’t read minds.
  4. Everyone has their own struggles.
  5. It’s not okay to disregard each other’s feelings thinking they are always fine.
  6. In life, we sometimes neglect the one we love, maybe a husband, a family, a friend, not because we do not love them anymore, but because we were occupied with other serious things like what we have to put on our table.
  7. Destiny will always lead you in the same way.

Lesson they learned- A short trip to the past is to return & cherish what they have, even more.

If you are craving some light drama that highlights relationships, family relationships, marriage, parenting, and friendships, then this is worth watching.

Rate: 8/10

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