Novotel BH Al Dana Resort & Hotel- Our family first staycation with Rain

It’s our baby, Jan Francisrain first-ever Staycation!

It’s not even an Out of Town as it is still difficult to travel out of the country, aside from the fact that BH is a small island where you can actually roam around the whole Country in just a day or two, and we are already living in the heart (Capital) of the Country so shall I call it, an “out of the flat” getaway!

Since it’s our Tatay’s (Husband & Father) birthday, we decided to bring our little one to enjoy a one night staycation/birthday celebration in the Hotel for a change.

It’s just sad that BH suddenly implemented a partial-lock-down and only the essential stores are open and all the swimming pools, beaches, malls, recreations, leisure’s & other activities are partially shut-down, we wouldn’t be able to use the hotel facilities like the beach itself, and the pool, and the kid’s play area, but at least we were able to stay indoor and celebrate our Tatay’s birthday in the comfort of our 4-star hotel room in Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort & Hotel.

Set in landscaped tropical gardens in the capital of Manama, minutes from Bahrain’s diplomatic and business areas, Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort & Hotel is a beachside luxury 4-star hotel that offers a wide range of leisure facilities with an outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, private beach, fitness center & Spa, traditionally elegant and spacious rooms and a great view.

Our room was upgraded by the Hotel to a large room with an open balcony facing a very scenic view of the beach.

I have seen how our son enjoyed the stay, oh well, at least now he experienced how to sleep away from his usual bed and usual routine, he would run back and forth in the spacious room, jump in the bed, shout in joy, (his usual sound when excited), he would hold your hand and throw it in the doorknob (trying to say open the door and let’s go outside), and he super enjoyed the hot bathtub (he might be thinking it’s a pool, as it is his first time in the tub as well).

He had a little tantrum at night (probably the same feeling when you sleep the first time in a certain place you were not used to, you couldn’t sleep comfortably and missing your own bed.) but with Nanay on his side tapping him to sleep, it didn’t take much longer to get the right sleep.

We woke up early morning the next day of 4th June 2021 so we would catch the early morning sunrise not to be very hot (we are almost in the mid of summer time), walked in the vicinity of the hotel just to let him see what’s around, in the pool, near the beach, in the corridor, just before we had our sumptuous full room service breakfast.

Kindly check some of the photos below:


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