Restaurants in Bahrain

I LOVE HOME FOOD BUT I PREFER TO EAT OUT– one of my quotations.

Since I hardly cook at all, I always have the time to track down all the nice Restaurants around the area.

 As I do not eat much during weekdays but on Weekends, I always treat myself to something extraordinary, this is what we call, the cheat night.

This weekend, I craved for something traditional.

We went to this Filipino Restaurant that is owned by a good friend of mine. This is something just like a home-food in a restaurant.

The taste of Filipino food.



Their specialty is Crispy Pata ( pork leg) but I ordered something different.


This mouth-watering ” Kare- Kare” ( this is a traditional Filipino recipe made of Oxtail, beef tripe and vegetables cooked in thickened peanut butter), is also one of my favorite in this restaurant. They served it hot in a pot.


And of course the all time-Filipino favorite, “Sinigang na baboy”, ( Pork stew in Tamarind Broth). This tamarind sour soup is better off to eat with rice.


For starter/appetizer, “Calamari”. This is a  batter coated squid- deep fried squid rings.


…and a lemonade and sago and gulaman for refreshment.

..and it’s kinda affordable to have spent around BHD11 ( around One thousand three hundred in peso conversion) for two people.


Me and my friend Nicole.

If you want to feel at home away from our home and craving for something homely, I’m highly recommending BAHAY KUBO FILIPINO RESTAURANT, one of the best, tidiest not to mention that top of the line quality service.

Location:  Road 723, Building 822, Block 307، Qudaibiya

Tel No: 1723 1996

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