Byaheng Nueva Ecija- Carron Dream Park

Carron Dream Park is the biggest Amusement Theme Park of the North located in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija which is fortunately just an hour drive in Cabanatuan City. Yes, we also have it here in Nueva Ecija, you don’t have to travel to Pampanga or Tagaytay or Cavite if you want to take the kids to the Theme park. It’s like a smaller version of Enchanted Kingdom or Sky Ranch but it also offers a wide range of fun rides for children and adults as well.

The entrance fee is Php100 and Php350 if you want to avail the Ride all you can and opens daily at 4-9 PM (that was before when we go, I think they extended it from 3-10 pm afterward.)

We’ve been there on 13th December 2021, and it was fully packed. I never thought my toddler would truly enjoy the big real rides- we only used to take him to kids arcade here in BH and he would only ride the kiddie car/ horse/train or carousel. But in Carron, he even tried the Gondola Ferris Wheel and didn’t even feel a thing.

It’s actually rotating slow but having to be lifted up in the sky is a little bit scary for the toddlers but no, he is not!

He tried almost all of the rides (that are allowed for kids) in there and really enjoyed it- he even doesn’t want to go home. He may only look bored in the pictures (no reaction as always haha) but whenever we will take him out of the ride he will surely cry/shout in disapproval.

More so, there are so many food kiosks to choose from in case you get hungry inside. From streetfood, to snacks, to sandwiches, all lined up in a row, and food tables to sit or wait for convenience.

Needless to say, he really cried for about an hour and it took quite some time to calm him down when we went back home in the evening.


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