Life Changing Moment- a different Travel Misadventure

A little bit personal about my travel experience, 2021.

Never thought that the supposed to be “bakasyon grande” (grand vacation) would turn into a horrible tragic experience. I have read a lot similar experience from some other bloggers and articles but never thought we would experience the same.

And yeah, I’m still going through a rough and depressing time of my life and somehow it affects my rational reasoning, my emotional feelings, and mostly, my patience. It’s still at the beginning. I will still go through the lengthy process of healing, and that for sure is a test of faith.

I always do things on my own, and being dependent on anyone physically is super depressing. Everyone knows how OCD I am, and I love to organize things/ do a lot of house cleaning on a daily basis according to my way and that includes a lot of physical activity not to mention I have a toddler to take care of but since I got into this freak accident, I’m now immobile for the next few weeks after the surgery, and it’s really hard and frustrating.

So, just 19 days of our vacation, I accidentally tripped on the slope and broke my ankle while carrying my toddler in the mountain(my husband’s hometown).

We went to the mountain (Nueva Vizcaya) two weeks after we landed to the Philippines to go nature tripping. It’s evident how much I love traveling and sightseeing and mostly nature tripping, photography, and documenting the same. All are well planned. Everyone is excited. I have been looking forward to this Philippine vacation although it’s a little bit tight in the schedule as we have some other important tasks to do and the last thing you would wish when traveling overseas is an accident.

It was an exciting days ahead. We have been sightseeing in the province for the past 2 days, and even went on a terrain going to the top of the mountain to see the magnificent sea of clouds early morning, and it was super lovely! (details about this will be posted on my next update). We also went to see some of the nice places like the garden and the hanging bridge.

And that was it. Early morning the next day, we woke up early and planning to go to the sunflower garden until this freak accident happened. We were taking photos in my in laws front yard in Masoc, (which is actually built in the mountain, with a lot of fruit bearing trees and flowering plants), and tripped myself on the slight slope I didn’t notice. Yeah, it was just in the frontyard! The slope is not deep but the grass are wet at that time as it is always wet and foggy in the mountain particularly early morning and the impact on me was so severe, I broke my ankle. The next thing I knew is that I was rushed into the emergency by an ambulance.

That day

I didn’t know how bad it was and I never expect it to be that bad since it’s not that deep but unfortunately it is, that the doctor advised me to have an ORIF surgery.

That’s the start of my now 2 weeks agony. The fall was so bad and very painful. We went back to my City and scheduled for a surgery.

I had it done on 6th September, which is just 3 days now, but the pain feels like forever now. Child birth is even more easier, I think. It’s very hard moving around the house, mostly going up and down our small staircase in the yard to our unit aside that my balance is very off I couldn’t even stand alone with the crutches. I feel like I have been disabled for a very long time. My patience to do at least small things/simple tasks are even more frustrating as I’m not used to depend on anybody. I’m just putting a toll on myself and everyone around me so I just decided to keep everything as it is, no physical work despite my heart is aching until I can do everything by myself again.

I’m glad that I have family around me who is now taking care of my child, bathing and feeding him, looking after him, washing him , and all the other things I’m supposed to do as a mother. We do not have a personal nanny, but we do have a helper whom I can ask to help around when needed.

One thing I learned about this accident is that we have to value our body and of course our health. We used to take it for granted but once you were into an accident, you would actually appreciate life more.

Needless to say, there were times that this accident gives me sadness, frustrations, and depressions. I know this would heal in time but it’s a lengthy process. I have to be on cast for one full month and then as the doctor said, I can put on a bootleg in a month’s time. Recovery is 4 t 6 weeks where I could slowly walk without so much weight but regaining the strength would be about 3 months. Just the thought of the wasted time, more money to spend for my recovery, and my inability to go back to work immediately (in case, I need more time which depends on my healing) plus the thoughts that our bills would pile up on top of the other is additional stress for me. Of course, not to mention that the money we spent for my surgery is not that small, it would rock our budget for the next few months or worse, even a year.

But to keep my sanity, I’m just looking forward to my speedy recovery, looking forward to the time where I would be able to carry my toddler again, to walk him in the park, to do my daily household chores again, and that is making me a little bit positive.

I’m also glad that nothing happened to our child, safe as he is, and for that, I’m truly grateful and thankful to God for not harming my child. Maybe, this happened for a reason, an eye-opener, or maybe this happened to spare me and my family to a worse one.

For now, I have to be positive even during the painful nights, those times I’m losing my patience when I couldn’t be able to go to the toilet myself without the help of others, those nights when I don’t know where to put my body so I could sleep a little bit comfortably… But still I have to, I must.

This is the exact example of the vacation gone bad, just put a humor on it. The grand vacation- (as I called it) turned out to be a super staycation!

Lesson learned: we all have to be extra careful. Accidents happen at any time, anywhere, even right in front of your house, so we all have to be very cautious, always.

Safety first, always. At home or traveling.


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