The very first boat/yacht ride!

03.06.2022- Another bucket list unlocked!

Just like any typical toddler, my son always loves the water, swimming, and even just looking at the fountains, the beach, the waterplay etc etc.

Patiently waiting on queue

Since, it is our Tatay Birthday, we decided to let him experience riding the yacht, and yes, as expected, he super loved the experience, and  again, no questions asked, he doesn’t want to leave the boat after the round trip.

This round-trip boat ride is located in Bahrain Bay but you can also start in The Avenues Mall. We paid Bhd2 for two-way for about 15-20 minutes.

The trip starts from Bahrain Bay, and will go round the Reef Island, will pass the Four Seasons hotel and the Avenues, and go back to Bahrain Bay.

Needless to say, the nice weather when you are in the sea, in the boat, the view, and the happiness of Jan Francisrain is way too incomparable.


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