Review- Meteor Garden 2018- Things I love and Hate

My personal thoughts about Meteor Garden-2018- NETFLIX


As much as I liked the Meteor Garden I, I equally like the 2018 version which I completed in less than a month in NETFLIX. 🙂

Though some may differ from the old version, I have listed the things I love and hate about this series.


1. DYLAN WANG – Oh well, have you seen how cute, charming, and boyish at the same time & extremely handsome this guy is? Just his smile will definitely melt your heart right away!


Although I’ve fallen in love with Jerry Yan as well in the first version (his badboy image, fair complexion, kind of cute round eyes that speaks along with his smile)  which actually made me think of flying to Taiwan to see him 15 years ago, Jerry Yan’s bad boy look  won my heart on this one, but Dylan Wang’s childish ways are nonetheless perfect! Not to mention that he actually got the perfect  look of a  spoiled rich-kid in this version, complete with different outfits, long coats, and sweaters.

2. DARREN CHENG- As Hua Ze Lei! Yaey! Just like Dylan Wang, I got to like Darren Cheng as Hua Ze Lei so much too! With his tantalizing eyes and cute lips. His seriousness with a ready smile at the corner of his lips & the eyes that says a thousand words every time he stares is really just WOW!


3. THE OUTFITS/ THE LOCATIONS/ THE VISUALS– Just like what I have mentioned earlier, the F4 wardrobes, the filming locations, the visuals are superb. They established the concrete idea of being rich & famous who comes from a wealthy and well known families.

4. THE STORY- Of course, what else is better than the story itself? I literally cried a river on Daoming Si & Dong Shancai’s Love story, I almost felt that I’m actually a part of this story (and not to mention that I sometimes feel like I’m actually Shancai, doing the same facial expressions, saying the same translated words, lol but not on purpose, haha!)

5. THE DIALOGUES- Who wouldn’t melt a heart with Daoming Si’s vocal expression of his true love for Shancai? Like he will run and chase after her wherever she goes? Like he will never ever give up, not in the past, not in the present and definitely not in the future and a lot more! The sparkle on his eyes every time he looks at Shancai with so much love and admiration will make  you cringe in envy! Okay, I get it! He is so much in love that he will move everything, even heaven and earth just to prove his point!



1. I occasionally hate Shancai’s (at the beginning part) actions as she was not able to show her sincere affection towards Daoming Si and that she couldn’t clearly open her heart and mind to him which is a little different from Barbie Sue’s portrayal. I love Barbie Sue on the original as she have the strong & fearless yet naive, nice, down to earth, playful, and funny but willful character.

But overall, I like Shen Yue, her big round circling eyes full of surprise and happiness.

2. I DONT LIKE THE DREAMLIKE WEDDING ENDING- Am I the only one who didn’t like the last episode of the series? At first, I thought it was just a dream after they were taken to hospital due to water loss and hunger after a few days of not eating?

I was actually expecting a much dramatic epic wedding full of Love & surprises and a sweet marriage vow and not the dance wedding scene that looks like a dream but turned out to be real after all. I thought they have died or something and this sequence was just part of their hallucination.

3. SEASON II- As they got married in this season, I doubt if there will ever be part II just like the Barcelona version in Meteor Garden I? I really love those!

Oh well, that’s it! Overall rating, I 100% love this one!!! As I’ve’ said, I literally cried a lot in every situation and obstacles/sufferings Shancai & Daoming Si had to face and eventually passed. I’m still not over it as of now. I could still hear the theme songs continuously playing in my ears, the loud, authoritative and powerful voice of Daoming Si as he says the name, “DONG SHANCAI!!!!!!“ and cute little voice of Shancai as she utters the word “ DAOMING SII”

…And Dylan Wang, I think I’ve fallen in love with you, lol


Can’t wait for the sequel!


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