Dilmunia Canal- Dancing Fountain

Finally in BH!

This is gonna be one of the Island’s popular destinations, the Dilmunia Canal- located in Dilmunia Island, one of the largest man-made body of water that is 1.7km stretch along with it’s main attraction, the dancing fountain, giving a spectacular dancing fountain in different colors and flows in different directions.

This canal is visible from the Mall of Dilmunia which is equally beautiful insight, in and out, providing food & beverage stalls, cafes, kids play, and other entertainment/educational facilities like the Bahrain Aquarium- one of the mall’s many attractions inhabiting different fish species and magnificent underwater structure filled with corals/rocks.

Well, then if you happen to visit BH, don’t forget to pass by the Mall of Dilmunia -> you will definitely love it there.

So, it was like me alongside my husband and our little toddler went there for a walk last weekend, 23.04.2021. Just as we thought that the operation of the dancing fountain was over, we just agreed to stay and spend the time walking around to see what is in there, had photos in the Aquarium, walked outside, the weather is still good at that time or maybe because we are surrounded by a lagoon, the view outside is very nice, silent and I noticed that the alleys are super clean and well maintained, but then at around 7:30PM, they opened the dancing fountain again!

I just love being there. It feels so relaxing as if I’m not going to work the next day. 🙂

Here are some of the videos & photos taken; ( sorry, videos cant be uploaded, I have to upgrade)

Dilmunia Canal- Located in Dilmunia Island, Mall of Dilmunia, Galali Bahrain


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