BH  is hosting a Dino Theme Park with lots of Dino Theme Adventures for kids and adults as well and is located in Prince Khalifa Park- Muharraq.

This park was open a few years back and the last time I’ve been in that park was around 2010- 2011.

The only recreation you can see at that time was the pedal boat that you can hire for 500fils and ride on the lake and bike for rent.

It’s also a perfect ground for family picnics where you can bring your picnic blanket on the well-maintained/cleaned and child-friendly vicinity- along with the kids’ playground and food stalls around.

But recently, when we have Jan Francisrain,  I asked my husband that we should take our son to see the park and we found out that it was temporary converted to a Dino Park (probably just for the winter season where everyone can enjoy a nice walk outside) with just 300fils each entrance fee and you can enjoy a lot of DINO themed adventure and other activities for kids and adult inside.

You can check a lot inside the park including a lot of mechanically operated moving Dinosaurs, a Dino band, a Dino eggs area to take pictures too.

There are also some other activities like the big trampoline for bigger kids, the inflatable playground, and a lot of kiddie rides with a fee.

For Adults, I have seen that there is a big ground for airsoft play.

 But aside from that, there are also free kids play areas for babies and small toddlers like swings, slides, see-saw, still rings, spiral slides,  among others in a soft rubber matting- your toddlers will surely enjoy., a big fountain, and a  deck view where you can see the whole lake. My son loves the swing and he can sit there and be pushed for hours without getting tired.

Walking inside the big park- you can also find a lot of food trucks of your choice.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon until early evening restlessly walking inside the huge park- the weather was so nice on 18.02.2022, and gets a bit colder only in the early evening we decided to buy dinner and go home.

Check these lovely photos we have in DINO Park. 🙂


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