What Bahrain is all about


Bahrain is an archipelago made up of 33 islands located off the coast of SA.

With a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-denominational society, Bahrain is an attractive destination for expat families.

Bahrain is the freest economy in the MENA region, and among the “mostly free” economies worldwide.


What more can you ask for than living a tax-free lifestyle?

A small island where everything is within your reach.

The food is cheap, (well, aside from a little bit expensive but manageable flat rents, everything would be perfect), because the cost of living is not that high.

Not much of a language barrier because English is their second dialect.


Simple life. Simple Living. Easy to find jobs. What else?

You’ve got the best of everything in BH. From food to drinks to bars, to affordable hotels. Although this isn’t a tourist spot or a holiday destination as there isn’t much of a place to see, the fact that you can go around the whole Bahrain in just a day, this place is definitely good for beginners.


BH at night.

Been here for almost a decade now and I would say that I have already adopted their simple ways of living.

Isn’t it just comfortable working in a Company that would provide you with the easiest mode of transportation going in and out of work? A pick and drop service directly at your doorsteps and send you back home? Well, most of the Companies in Bahrain do that.

Or isn’t it just comfortable that everything is within your reach? Everywhere is almost nearby. A supermarket by walk, a Hospital by walk, A shopping Mall by walk, No hassles of going anywhere.

Restaurants are almost everywhere. From Asian cuisine, Chinese, American, Europian,  Mediterranean, fusion, vegan, vegetarian, whatever your choice is, are always easy to find. You won’t have a hard time finding your own list of delicacies.

I just find it easy and more comfortable to live here.

Although just like any other Country, safety relies on your own precautions.

Overall, I just love this place this much. My home…away from home!


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