Bahrain is known for being an island with a subtropical climate, a desert vegetation, lots of sand, date palms, and camels.

Tourist highlights are the over 400 years old Tree of Life (Prosopis cineraria), and the Mountain of Smoke (Jabal al Dukhan), the country’s highest point at 134 m (440 ft). Manama and its skyline. The twin towers of the Bahrain World Trade Center and the Royal Camel Farm.

Bahrain has an ethnically diverse population, a Dilmun heritage, a pearl-diving and trading tradition, and it has one of the largest cemeteries of the ancient world (Dilmun Burial Mounds).

The country is in the petroleum and aluminum business and practices Islamic banking.

Local leisure activities include falconry and gazelle and hare hunting, horse and camel racing, and Formula One motor racing championship.

The country boasts to have the largest underwater theme park in the world (Dive Bahrain), and has one of the world’s largest single-site aluminum smelter (Alba).