Sea of Clouds- Ambaguio Nueva Vizcaya

2 weeks later after we arrived in the Philippines, we went to the province of Nueva Vizcaya to spend some time with my in-laws. A few days prior to my freak accident in NV, we had the chance to roam around and visit some nice and magnificent views of the province.

We had long scheduled to see the spectacular picture-perfect sea of clouds on top of the mountain located in Ambaguio, Dupax Nueva Vizcaya since the day we finalized our Phil trip.

From what I’ve heard, the sea of clouds is a rare sight that only appears after heavy rain-pour and appears only for a few hours early morning before sunrise or in the afternoon and there were also days that the tourists/visitors won’t even catch the glimpse of the clouds.

Ambaguio is about 1hour drive from my in-law’s place in Masoc. We started from home at around 4am just in time to reach there before sunrise.

We parked somewhere on the outskirts and started walking our way up to the mountain to get the perfect spot to see the clouds. The almost one-hour walk going up to the mountain is a bit tiring, set aside that we were not wearing proper hiking shoes. Tbh, I’m about to give up halfway the walk as going up the stony, wet, and hazy path is really energy consuming but glad I continued and made it to the top, I had the chance to see this magnificent God creation.

On top of the mountain

These are the photos I’ve taken during the visit. Glad that at least we caught the clouds right on time although it’s not full clouds but at least, just to stand there on top, breathe and feel the air, see this beautiful nature is worth the travel.


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