Bahrain during Winter

So, I’ve been longing for so long to sit down and start writing my escapades again but I’ve been so busy with a little time left for idleness.

The past 2 years (the birth of our Jan Francisrain) had been the busiest so far and as I always say, If I could only make 24hrs a day to 34hrs a day, I would, so I will have enough time to balance my office work and my mother duties and household duties (certified OCD) and other things (do my regular exercise, to write, and do my other hobbies) all at once.

Living in Bahrain for almost half of my life, I have come to know almost all the things here. BH has only two weather all through the year, summer and winter, with only a little rain showers in between, (the start and end of winter/summer.

As the winter starts late October/early November (the perfect weather for outdoor activities) and ends in March/April, there are so many things to do outdoor to enjoy the nice weather on this small Island.

Here are the things you can do during this time:

It’s nice to go for some outdoor day/night camping near the beach, or walking/running in the parks, picnics or grilling and binge eating, see the historical forts, and deserts as this is the best weather for going out.

People usually put a small food truck/trailers near the seafront (there are a lot here btw) that opens mostly in the evenings and sells a variety of food of different cuisine.

You would love to see a group of people sitting outside on these make-shift food trailers, eating street food like hot lugaw (rice porridge) with egg or chicken, or tofu as a side dish, vegetable spring rolls, fish & squid balls, etc.

Location: Busaiteen Seafront.

Or you can visit a lot of seafront, beaches, do some day camping and grilling on the seaside (but couldn’t swim at this time or you will freeze to death).

Location: Northern City

Put out your camping gears, tent, folding table and chair, your cooler with food and drinks inside, your griller stand, a night lamp (in case), pillows and blanket if you want to take a nap, and other camping essentials and enjoy the sun and the cool breeze.

It’s really nice to sit outside preferably wait until noon to see the sunset.

And what about visiting all the Historical forts like the Portuguese fort?

You can also go and visit all the parks that are built particularly with running tracks, these walk-in parks are often family/child friendly. You can bring takeaway food and put up a mat under the tree, read a book or listen to music.

Or just a long drive in the desert.

These are just simple life BH can offer for the residents. All in, you will definitely enjoy the winter in Bahrain, yes, without snow, but really cold you wouldn’t imagine.


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