What I miss in Cabanatuan City in 2021

  1. Seeing Bebe in the house– Who wouldn’t miss our daily routine in Cabanatuan City for the past 5 months? We spent most of our days in the house during these months, but as we established our regular schedule from the morning until night, it became a habit and I got used to it, I felt like I don’t want to return back to work anymore, haha. This is not just about being able to spend 24 hours a day with my toddler without worrying about going to sleep early to be able to wake up early morning the next day to prepare for work, there’s more to it! Being jobless for months (Annual leave turned sick leave) means having the opportunity to prepare meals outside and eat a very slow breakfast while watching my son in the stairs playing with his ball, playing with the old telephone turned to a toy, running and jumping around all morning, going up and down the three-step staircase to the garden before he takes a bath. Who else won’t miss our scheduled lunch at exactly 12PM, then our nap time from 1-4PM and snack time afterward, play with the computer or watch Netflix until dinner time and then, sleep time again, then repeat the next day and the next day after. I really miss just being at HOME with Bebe.

2. Weekend Lunch with Family– So my sister and her son would always come regularly on Saturday lunch every week and we will set a table outside to eat with my mother and the pets. Some Saturdays we will come up with grilled pork chop and fish with buro, or pork sinigang or monggo, or mussels, or adobo, or spicy chicken neck adobo, and then some Saturdays we will have kare kare and langgonisa or pan-fry vegetable among others- whatever we crave to eat and then nap time afterward!

3. Waltermart– Our weekly trip to the Supermarket became a regular routine for us. I just love Waltermart among the other supermarkets we have in Cabanatuan (we almost have everything, Savemore, Robinson, Puregold, NE) as I got familiar with the stalls and I already know where to get something without rounding much, not only that they have everything on my list. It became a routine I always wait for the Grocery day and fill my cupboards with full groceries and stuff! Haha, this has become one of my simple happiness during our vacation. (Photo not mine)

4. SM- Who doesn’t love SM Mall? Shopping is never a problem if you have SM City in your place. Although we do not go much that time due to restrictions and all plus my condition, we also do once in a while particularly if there is an upcoming occasion. I started wearing my boot cast sometime in October 2021 and it took me quite some time to practice wearing those but still, I had the chance to go once before my son’s 2nd birthday party to buy him an outfit for his Safari Themed birthday. And the next visits are a few times in November and then a few other times for Christmas shopping in December 2021. 

5. Shakeys– And of course, I also missed my favorite restaurant in SM. I even got their Shakeys discount card as I really love their bunch of lunch meal package with a soup and salad, mojos, 2 pieces fried chicken thighs ( can’t figure out what is the secret recipe for this yummy chicken), and pizza for only Php300.

6. Traffic– Cabanatuan City, also known as the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines. It’s a little annoying seeing these tricycles racing with each other one after the other on the highways but fun at the same time knowing you are in Cabanatuan City! Also, one good thing about it is you will never ran-out of a vehicle even in the middle of the night anywhere else in the City as there is always a tricycle near you.

7. Christmas Celebration in Cabanatuan City– Not only in Cabanatuan City but Christmas in the Philippines is super fun. Celebrating Christmas at home with all members of your family is always something to look forward to. And this year, I got the chance to celebrate it with them. Who wouldn’t be merry walking in the mall with Christmas songs playing out loud in the speakers, looking at the toys and clothes, people walking wearing genuine smiles on their faces, buying Christmas presents, traditional Christmas caroling, preparing Noche Buenas, and waiting for 12midnight to eat, and most especially, exchange gifts! When you have a toddler, the Christmas season is extraordinary special.

The saddest part is, Life must go on and I can’t always sit idle and relax every day, I have to go back to work and earn money for our expenses. It isn’t always party time. I know it’s convenient and relaxing to be idle doing nothing but eat and sleep and then eat and sleep again and repeat but we have other obligations to fulfill so whether I like it or not, we have to travel back to Bahrain. Can’t say anything but looking forward to our next vacation next year- hoping for good if we get the best opportunity. But for now, all I can do is to keep these good memories in my heart.

Time to fly, see you again soon, Philippines- See you soon, Cabanatuan City!


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