A day in the farm- La Fortuna Eco-Farm, Nueva Vizcaya

A day on the farm.

La Fortuna Farm is an Eco Farm Resort located in Buliwao, Quezon Nueva Vizcaya.

For everyone’s info, Nueva Vizcaya is well known as one of the popular eco-tourism destinations in the country. Eco-tourism means people that are traveling to see undisturbed natural areas, knowing more about conserving the environment while enjoying the beautiful untouched scenery at the same time. Having participated in the eco-tours, you will not only be educated about the importance of the eco-systems,  but this will also make the economy grow that provide income to local people without harming our natural resources and La Fortuna Farm is one of them!

We’ve been there once during our Philippine vacation a day before I got into a very serious accident. At least, I had the chance to visit the place right before I spent months recovering from my surgery and took a bunch of nice snaps for keepsake.

It’s just bad that we were not able to see and use the pool which was still under construction at that time but I have seen that it is already operating recently and offers a very nice tropical meal in floating trays to dine while enjoying the sun, and the weather. They only offer a light snack during our visit so we had a nice Filipino snack- Halo-Halo, it’s mixed of cubed/diced assorted fresh fruits in crushed ice and milk.

My son didn’t enjoy walking in the garden that much but the thing that has gotten his full attention is the small lake/ falls with water flowing from the mountain and he got very irate to jump in  – which is not intended for swimming- and of course, just like the previous tantrums- he cried for almost an hour not getting what he wants.

He really thought he could swim in that small lake and is not contented to just dip his foot and play with water, as usual. I wish we could go back again sometime in the future and take advantage of the pool.


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