Durrat Al Marina

Durrat Al Bahrain is the third-largest artificial island in Bahrain after Northern City and Diyar Al Muharraq Islands.

Durrat Marina is located within the seaside resort of Durrat Al Bahrain offering residential, leisure, and retail facilities.

It’s actually almost an hour’s drive from our place in Gudaibia.

Entrance to Durrat Al Bahrain is limited to those who own villas there or have friends or relatives living there. You can also visit Durrat Marina Yacht Club, which is outside but near to Durrat Al Bahrain. And can hire a jet Ski and ride it around.

We’ve been there once during a Colleague daughter’s Birthday party celebration. It was actually early January of this year and the weather is still not hot.

The area is super cozy and nice. We brought the baby out (and the weather is super nice) to play in the playground.

He loves the slides, and the swing and sea horse, I guess because he used to watch it daily in Cocomelon.

And then we had a nice little photo session in the gazebo and the pool adjacent to the beach.


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