Clark- Pampanga

Clark is a modern City in Pampanga. It is also known as Clark Freeport Zone.

Have been several times to Pampanga, different cities like San Fernando etc, and I could say that Clark is one of a kind, it’s a modern city and at the same time rich with natural resources- resorts, waterfalls, and others – but we had no chance to visit them as we were only there for a day.

Just a day visit to Clark will take you to a lot of places- a variety of fine restaurants to choose from, we tried the Pampanga’s best native local restaurant for a change, shopping hubs and recreations, supermarkets- Oh I love the Puregold Duty Free so much, I bought some imported items-kitchen stuff at a very reasonable price not to mention rows of hotels/staycations if you want to spend the night, you would actually see rows of them while driving around the vicinity.

We went to Clark recently (December 2021) not for travel and leisure but for some work-related purpose so we had not much time to roam around as we spent almost half the day for my errands.

We finished at almost lunchtime, while trying to find a place to eat, we passed by and stopped at several places I found good for photography and had some đŸ™‚

We tried “Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine” restaurant named Matam-ih for a change- and had the usual, Chicharon Bulaklak and grilled chicken ass for starter, Crispy pata, Kare kare, inihaw na hito (grilled) for the main course. I like the way they served the steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf.

The food is good, a little bit expensive for those eating on a budget but quite reasonable for people who are food spenders – we paid around Php2k + less the two senior card discount for that sumptuous meal.

We didn’t stay for the night as I’m in a rush to go home to see my little one, – that’s it- a day in Clark.


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