Summer in Bahrain

Life in the desert.

Bahrain has two seasons: extremely hot summer and a relatively mild wet winter. During the summer months, from April to October, afternoon temperatures average 40 °C and can range up to 46 °C during the peak summertime, July and August.

Living here almost all my life, I already got used to the climate including this hot and humid summertime that comes in July and August where you can no longer tolerate the heat outdoors.

But there are still other days in between summer where you can still walk out with a little cool air breeze from the ocean. Yeah, Since BH is an Island surrounded by oceans, you can still find a cold spot in between the areas.

There isn’t much of a recreation/activity during summer aside, of course, to dip in the pool, swim in the ocean, (we have a lot, of public and private beaches all over the Country), take long walks in the parks and walkways (if you can manage the heat), or just walk indoors do some shopping/ window shopping in the malls.

And yeah, you can find a lot of magnificent views that could be the subject of your photography skills! Mine of course is every single view anywhere else, as long as my son is on it!

I always like to walk outside and see the magnificent sunset of Bahrain, it’s really lovely!

I was not feeling well the past days now (since I went to the beach the other weekend and went straight wet to the car after I could no longer bear the heat at 6:30AM), then went for a little grocery shopping the next day, (going in and out of hot and cold temperature, ate ice-cream afterwards, then taraann…! I immediately got the flu the next day following cough the day after, until now, even a week has already passed. But my son always gets bored if he stays the full day at home especially on weekends where he knows somehow we would take him out as always, (he’s at home for the rest of the week), so we decided to take him to THE AVENUES and let him walk and play for a while. This is where I got these amazing photos (I’m beginning to have a talent in photography, I guess, haha!)

The Avenues is a waterfront shopping mall located in Bahrain Bay. It will give you an outdoor feeling while inside the mall (covered with a transparent ceiling allowing the sunlight to come in), or you can also go out and walk at the 1.5km stretch seafront, or just sit in the restaurants facing the sea and see the view. It’s really good to sit outside (but not in summertime), eat or have coffee, listen to the centralized soft instrumental music playing all day, watch the sea, watch the people walking, oh well, actually just by staring at the sea is super relaxing for me.

Here are some of my photographs taken in and out of the mall.

BH Skyline

Shopping is also convenient in The AVENUES as it offers a wide range of choices from shoes, bags & apparel, perfumes, children clothing, such as ZARA, H&M, VICTORIA’S SECRET, BBW, Foot Locker, Adidas, Mothercare, among others, and a long line of fine restaurants and fast-food to choose from.


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