Myself in BAHRAIN

So it was like I’ve been everywhere in Bahrain for the past years.
I’ve been everywhere here, been to a lot of places, did a lot of activities, ate in a different Restaurants corners to corners, from affordable to expensive food, gained a lot of friends and even lost some of them in time.
This is the Country I should say I’ve gotten all my life experiences,  social, emotional and career-wise, taught me a lot of lessons and made me the way I am now.
This is my home. This is where I started everything. This is where I grew up. From my partying single days to my home buddy days. Where my weekends are now spent at home, a lot of sleeping, movie marathons, online games, music, and home food…with the husband.
I’ve made a lot of memories here and at the same time I’ve kept a lot of photographs but of course, it would not fit in one blog if I started from the beginning.
Here are just a few photos of mine.





At the beach.



At the Souq Market



Outside the BH World Trade Center



Night at the Museum



Red and White Lights for National Day



The Avenues


The waterfront Shopping Center in BH facing Four Seasons Hotel- 7 star Hotel

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