For my future memories feed


Some thoughts to think about:

BH these days


Sitting on my office desk contemplating what’s happening around us these days, I decided to write these things down for my future memories feed.

A year from now and every year after, this post will always appear in my memories to look back.


✔ We are more than 2 months of social isolation.

✔  All the non- essential shops here are closed for a certain period of time as instructed by the Ministries and only essential business establishments like banks, restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, optical, cold stores, supermarkets, money transfers,  Administration & Construction offices, are open.

✔ Restaurants are only for delivery or pick up.

✔  All the schools are closed since early March. And I think some of them are doing classes online.

✔ Everyone is required to wear a mask in public at all times, wash hands at all times, be cautious at all times.

✔ Everyone must have alcohol, hand sanitizer, wipes, on hand.

✔ Shortage of masks and alcohol in some pharmacies and supermarkets.

✔ All celebrations, family gatherings, occasions, and traveling are canceled. No cinemas, malls,  swimming pools, entertainment facilities are open,  no walk/in parks are accessible to the public and even you can go,  you must practice social distancing (better to stay at home, much safer)

✔ Never been to the big Supermarket since the beginning of social isolation, but I heard that there are lines in the stores to keep them meters apart- and so are for the other open essential establishments.

✔ We must comply with one meter apart (social distancing) even during the official meetings, no handshakes.

✔ Some people are now sitting idle at home on a no work- no pay policy. Thank God I still have work.

✔ There is no cure/medicine/vaccine yet. (As far as I know)

✔ Everyone worries (almost all countries) about what’s going to happen in the next few days or months or even years, how we can recover all the losses/impact made by this catastrophe.

✔ I worry about my family and Jan Francisrain, who has never gone out to see the beauty of the world since he was born exactly during this time of crisis – aside from the Airport, nearby cold stores (not anymore), daycare (not anymore- before the social isolation) and when he’s going downstairs with me in the morning when I go to work. He got used to it anyways.


And that’s it, Next year I’m gonna see this post on my memory status and I hope by that time, everything is gone back to normal. But for now, we have to continue praying for each other, continue to unite, and be grateful for everything as we do not know what will happen in the future.


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