MOVIES! Yeah, this is what I always do during my spare time! I love Binge watching! Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Psyhological, Violence, Crime, Adventure, Disaster, Biographical, Post apocalyptic, Apocalyptic, Dystopian, end of the world films, and of course, Time Travel Films.

TBH, Nothing in particular with genres, as long as the plot interests me.

I have seen a lot in my time old and new, but I’ve listed some of the best Time Travel films I’ve seen so far.


  1. Ground Hog Day (1993)- A TV weatherman finds himself reliving the same day over and over again when he goes on location to the small town of Punxsutawney to film a report about their annual Groundhog Day. His predicament drives him to distraction, until he sees a way of turning the situation to his advantage.
  2. 12Monkeys (1995)– In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet.
  3. Time Machine (2002)–  Alexander Hartdegen is  1899 scientist who soon after his marriage to his girlfriend Emma, she dies in an accident. Attempting to fix it, Hartdegen builds a time machine for travelling to the future, hoping to find the way to correct his own past.
  4. 13 going on 30 (2004)-  Story of Jena, a 13th year old girl wishing to be popular, and trying to be popular by be-friending  the popular group, only to be tricked by them. Humiliated on his 13th birthday, she wished to be 30, and the next day, she woke up in a luxurious flat, 30 years of age, working in a popular magazine and  with no memory of the past 17 years in between.
  5. The Lake house (2006)– The story of Alex and Kate and how they communicate via letters on the mailbox of the same house they both occupied but 2 years difference.
  6. The Time Traveler’s wife (2009) The Time Travelers Wife, a guy named Henry who jumps around the past, present and future – only he can’t control where or when he goes, creating complications in his marriage.
  7. Mr. Nobody (2009)– Story of Nemo, a 118 year old last mortal on earth narrating his life at the age of nine, fifteen and thirty four, and how his life branches out to different timeline as he was able to choose a path from the day his parents separated, his life when he chose to stay with his mother and the other when he stayed with his father and his life in between two timelines.
  8. Looper (2012)– In the future where time travel exists, anyone  who can pay can send someone to the past to be killed by the hired killer. The worst part, is that to prevent any connection with the syndicate and close the loop,  the looper’s final victim is their future self.
  9. About Time (2013)– The story of Tim whose male members of the family has the ability to time travel at the age of 21. With this knowledge, he decides to use his ability to time travel to improve his lovelife.
  10. Mirage (2018)– (Spanish)- A space-time glitch allows Vera to save a boy’s life 25 years in the past, but somehow results in the loss of her daughter and Vera must fight to get her back.

Must Watch- Movies

Since RJ is on vacay, I have a lot of free time these days after work just lying idle at home watching online movies.

And I’m not saying I was bored because definitely not. I was always looking forward to my alone-time every evening, lying on the bed with a bag of chips or anything to munch, dim lights, under my blanket, streaming movies online.

Just sad that every movie I picked to watch always turned out to be a good  Lovestory with a sad ending.

But I love those!

To name a few,  Here’s the best I’ve seen:


1. EVERY DAY. Oh well, this is the story of a traveling spirit named A who wakes up each morning in a different body. Never to the same person again, and never on the same body twice.Until he wakes up to the body of one teen named Justine and fell in love with Rhiannon,  the girlfriend of that person. From day onwards, he tried to communicate with Rhiannon from different bodies and they fell in love. But of course, how could a story like that end up happy? At the end of the film, A decides to find a true-love for Rhiannon, a real person and not a soul while he keeps traveling from body to body but leaves a track by posting photos on Instagram.

I like the song from the film,

“Well you didn’t wake up this morning ‘cause you didn’t go to bed

You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red

The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off

You’ve been reading some old letters

You smile and think how much you’ve changed

All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those daysYou pull back the curtain

And the sun burns into your eyes

You watch a plane flying

Across a clear blue sky

This is the day, your life will surely change

This is the day when things fall into place….”


2. MIDNIGHT SUN. Well, actually doesn’t really seems original but I loved the flow of the story. With no dull moment. A girl who had a rare disease that she couldn’t be exposed to sunlight. She had a long time crush since childhood and eventually, they fell in love until the day of her death.


3. MEET ME IN ST.GALLEN. This is a Filipino Film. An artist met an aspiring musician one day and spent the entire day with him and though they created a great impact on that day, they went on separate ways at the end of the night like a total stranger just so not to spoil that wonderful perfect evening and only to meet again several years later at the same coffee shop where they first met but then the guy is already engaged to someone else, but this time, they made love only to part ways again both with heavy hearts and to meet again two years later when the guy followed her  to Europe and proposed to her that he realized he loved her and that he didn’t pursue the wedding plans only to find out that she is now in love with someone else and wouldn’t change her life just because he has changed his. But you can clearly see that they both have a fascination with each other…a real love that is always at the wrong time.

It’s really heartbreaking. How could be two people that you know is so much in love with each other couldn’t be together until the end? Another sad ending.


4. 100 TULA PARA KAY STELLA. Another Filipino Film. This is the story of two College Students who met and became the best of  friends while they were still freshmen, and all throughout the film which is the entire duration of their College days, the guy is secretly in love with her though he couldn’t say it loud because he had a speech problem, but he writes poem for the girl to express his love (and made 100 poems) and when he finally had the guts to show to her, and tell her that he had loved her from the beginning,  the girl is already married to someone else who was there during the time when she was really down and hopeless and nowhere to go. They remained friends since then but the heartache the love caused both of them is really devastating! It’s really heavy to accept the pain.

And the heartache these films gave me is also incomparable, haha. But really, I enjoyed it.

I’ve seen a few more, but I guess this four is enough for now.

Highly recommended!

Review- Meteor Garden 2018- Things I love and Hate

My personal thoughts about Meteor Garden-2018- NETFLIX


As much as I liked the Meteor Garden I, I equally like the 2018 version which I completed in less than a month in NETFLIX. 🙂

Though some may differ from the old version, I have listed the things I love and hate about this series.


1. DYLAN WANG – Oh well, have you seen how cute, charming, and boyish at the same time & extremely handsome this guy is? Just his smile will definitely melt your heart right away!


Although I’ve fallen in love with Jerry Yan as well in the first version (his badboy image, fair complexion, kind of cute round eyes that speaks along with his smile)  which actually made me think of flying to Taiwan to see him 15 years ago, Jerry Yan’s bad boy look  won my heart on this one, but Dylan Wang’s childish ways are nonetheless perfect! Not to mention that he actually got the perfect  look of a  spoiled rich-kid in this version, complete with different outfits, long coats, and sweaters.

2. DARREN CHENG- As Hua Ze Lei! Yaey! Just like Dylan Wang, I got to like Darren Cheng as Hua Ze Lei so much too! With his tantalizing eyes and cute lips. His seriousness with a ready smile at the corner of his lips & the eyes that says a thousand words every time he stares is really just WOW!


3. THE OUTFITS/ THE LOCATIONS/ THE VISUALS– Just like what I have mentioned earlier, the F4 wardrobes, the filming locations, the visuals are superb. They established the concrete idea of being rich & famous who comes from a wealthy and well known families.

4. THE STORY- Of course, what else is better than the story itself? I literally cried a river on Daoming Si & Dong Shancai’s Love story, I almost felt that I’m actually a part of this story (and not to mention that I sometimes feel like I’m actually Shancai, doing the same facial expressions, saying the same translated words, lol but not on purpose, haha!)

5. THE DIALOGUES- Who wouldn’t melt a heart with Daoming Si’s vocal expression of his true love for Shancai? Like he will run and chase after her wherever she goes? Like he will never ever give up, not in the past, not in the present and definitely not in the future and a lot more! The sparkle on his eyes every time he looks at Shancai with so much love and admiration will make  you cringe in envy! Okay, I get it! He is so much in love that he will move everything, even heaven and earth just to prove his point!



1. I occasionally hate Shancai’s (at the beginning part) actions as she was not able to show her sincere affection towards Daoming Si and that she couldn’t clearly open her heart and mind to him which is a little different from Barbie Sue’s portrayal. I love Barbie Sue on the original as she have the strong & fearless yet naive, nice, down to earth, playful, and funny but willful character.

But overall, I like Shen Yue, her big round circling eyes full of surprise and happiness.

2. I DONT LIKE THE DREAMLIKE WEDDING ENDING- Am I the only one who didn’t like the last episode of the series? At first, I thought it was just a dream after they were taken to hospital due to water loss and hunger after a few days of not eating?

I was actually expecting a much dramatic epic wedding full of Love & surprises and a sweet marriage vow and not the dance wedding scene that looks like a dream but turned out to be real after all. I thought they have died or something and this sequence was just part of their hallucination.

3. SEASON II- As they got married in this season, I doubt if there will ever be part II just like the Barcelona version in Meteor Garden I? I really love those!

Oh well, that’s it! Overall rating, I 100% love this one!!! As I’ve’ said, I literally cried a lot in every situation and obstacles/sufferings Shancai & Daoming Si had to face and eventually passed. I’m still not over it as of now. I could still hear the theme songs continuously playing in my ears, the loud, authoritative and powerful voice of Daoming Si as he says the name, “DONG SHANCAI!!!!!!“ and cute little voice of Shancai as she utters the word “ DAOMING SII”

…And Dylan Wang, I think I’ve fallen in love with you, lol


Can’t wait for the sequel!

Review- Bohemian Rhapsody Film

Finally, The Long wait is over. Bohemian Rhapsody, the biographical film about the British Rock band Queen is now showing in Cinemas.  The story about Queen,  their Music and the extraordinary life of the Band Lead Singer- Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara in real life), on and off the stage life,  his drug addiction, his gay-life, exploited by the wrong crowd and friends and his battle after being diagnosed with AIDS infection.

My thoughts about it? Although it has been observed that a one and a half hour film wouldn’t be able to tackle and compress Freddie’s colorful life, only on limited measures since it fails to elaborate much of Freddie’s life and times and his sexuality. It feels like the story is being told in a fast-forward mode that the audience was completely left out disappointingly, wanting to explore more all the highlights of his story in a much more detailed manner.

I like the portrayal of almost every one of the cast. Rami Malek impersonation of Mercury is terrific. Although his transformation is slightly exaggerated particularly those dental prosthetics (that made him look a little bit like a rat)  and his accent is quite a little bit over-do. But then, he totally nailed how he deploys every move, even a snap of the finger,  the energy, and flamboyance of Mercury.

Gwilym Lee as Bryan May, (Oh well, I think Gwilym Lee is a much better Bryan May than Bryan May is Bryan May), Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor, and Joseph Mazzelo as John Deacon looks similarly the same and did a great job on their portrayals as well, no doubt about that.

Overall, It’s a great movie, great cast, something worth to watch because of everyone’s superb performance although some are entirely superficial. Rami Malek does a brilliant job and the film entirely relied on his portrayal. A masterpiece though it wasn’t written accurately.

Mercury is a Legend. Whether or not it is accurately told, the performance itself did well. The Live aid part (the highlight of the movie) actually made me believe that I’m watching it for real.

Not to mention that for some reason, I felt sad when I re-watched the QUEEN Live Aid performance again that made me want to cry. Just by watching him perform that day, regardless of his illness, the high energy is actually heartbreaking.

Freddie Mercury and Queen indeed are one of the most beloved performers on the planet. They reached unparallel success during their time, and one of the GREATEST ROCK BAND IN HISTORY.


Queen is definitely the Best Entertainer of all time! And yeah, I’ve always admired Queen for the longest time now…

5 Stars 🙂

Review- NOBODY

Spoiler ahead, haha!

As much as I’m fascinated with Time Travel and Sci-fi films and having a very little interest in Drama, I happened to cross over this Sci- Fiction Drama Film titled Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto while browsing on Net Flix.

And to my surprise, it’s actually good, if not to consider one of the films that made a great impact on me. I literally cried (can’t help it) to the character’s life choices and decisions and the possible outcome on his multi-selves dimension.

To start with, this is the story of Nemo, a 118-year-old last mortal on earth (after the human race has achieved the immortality, the year 2092) as he narrates the three stages of his life at the age of nine, fifteen and thirty-four. Beginning from the time he was obliged to make a very critical choice on his parent’s split-up and how alternate paths branched in between (two alternate storylines when he chose to remain with his father and the other story when he chose to live with his mother) showing all the possible outcomes and possible futures from his different decisions and life choices and how he tries to find the correct decision in every choice he made up to the conclusion of what could have been, what could have happened if he chose a different one.


Interesting right? It’s actually Sci-fiction Time travel with a touch of reality. How life would be if we were able to see our future self ahead upon every single decision we make in life and have the chance to go back and choose a different path and re-correct the mistakes by having multi-versions of ourselves in different dimensions of our choice like NEMO with his different life- Life when he stayed with his mother, Life when he stayed with his father, Life with his three wives, with different kids, with different houses and different career, and all with different endings.

I’ve always had this weird fantasy sometimes I wish I could see the future me and I could go back and re-do some of the bad decisions I made in the past and to clearly see how would I be if I chose a different one.

But what amazed me was the conclusion at the end, that NEMO might have never been existed and wasn’t born after all. He was just a product of the nine- year old child imagination at the train when he is about to make a very critical choice in his life.

This film is one of the most engaging pieces of drama I have seen in such a long time. It was boring at the beginning but once you get to understand the story, with all the flashbacks and visions of his would-be life in the future, you will definitely get hooked. Tbh, the movie is difficult to follow for an ordinary watcher. I literally cried on some scenarios with his father, with his mother, how we waited for the love of his life, Ana, and how they never met in another timeline. The story’s sense and wide visualization of life and death and time and love and choices made this worth to watch.

Best Apocalyptic films you should watch

I know it’s kinda strange but aside from the Time Travel films, I’m also fascinated with the Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic films with the thoughts of what shall come after the end of everything.

There’s something strangely interesting to know how anyone would survive to live on the rotten & wasted land. How to live roaming around the destroyed earth in search of food and sleep on the abandoned buildings night after night, there ’s a shortage of food with no vegetation as it will be too cold to grow anything, and find anything left to eat from the abandoned supermarkets. To fight for your life against people who are also trying to survive. I also often daydream about myself living in this kind of world where it’s gonna be survival to the fittest and nothing else matters but to survive the day alive.

With these in mind, I decided to write down the list of the Best Apocalyptic films I have seen in no particular order.

1. BIRD BOX-2018


The film follows a woman and a pair of children, who must travel through a forest and down a river blindfolded to avoid supernatural entities that cause people who look at them to commit suicide.



The plot revolves around a family facing struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind extraterrestrial creatures with an acute sense of hearing.

3. THE ROAD-2009


In a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, an ailing father defends his son as they slowly travel to the sea.

4. 28 DAYS LATER-2002


Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. The plot depicts the breakdown of society following the accidental release of a highly contagious virus and focuses upon the struggle of four survivors to cope with the destruction of the life they once knew.



A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.



The story follows a young woman who, after a car crash, wakes up in an underground bunker with two men who insist that an event has left the surface of Earth uninhabitable.

7. CARGO-2017


In a world overtaken by a virus that turns people into zombies within 48 hours, the Rose family Andy, Kay, and their baby Rosie tries to survive.

8. IO-2019


The film is set in a dystopian future, where Earth’s atmosphere has become toxic. Most humans have fled the planet, to live on a space station near Io, a moon of Jupiter.