Eid Holiday 2021

Bahrain’s one of the most awaited and longest Holiday is EID break, right after Ramadan. It’s like our very own Christmas season, with gift-giving and the like.

One of our Expatriates privileges here is to be able to get all these holidays- away from work and office! People usually travel out of the country during these days but since it is still pandemic, and it’s really hassle to travel, most of them ought to stay in the city and make the most of the holiday by just doing activities within the Island.

Actually, there are a lot of activities to do here even when you don’t travel at all. There’s a lot of beach resorts, a public beach almost every corner, really nice hotel staycations ranging from 3 to 7 stars, indoor activities, outdoor parks & walkways, malls, long drives, outdoor arcades, and picnic groves among others to choose from.

Since it’s a holiday, My family spent the most out of it taking our little toddler out for fun, and believe me, he really had so much fun, particularly the different beaches we went to. He loves the beach so much!

The first day of Eid was spent walking in the mall, the BCC, and since more than half of the population here is already vaccinated, they started to open the cinemas and arcades again providing the green signal from the beaware app that you have done complete vaccination.

The second day, we went for a long drive from Zallaq to Malkiya to Northern City and as usual, the small toddler couldn’t hold himself to swim.

The third day was a long drive in the morning, quick takeaway lunch from Mc Donald’s and then an afternoon walk in the park of Arad.

The final day, we went early morning for a breakfast and swim at the beach again! We brought fried rice, egg and hotdog and put up our tent near the sea shore and enjoy the early morning crisp weather of BH.

So this is how we spent the 4 days Eid off not away from home šŸ™‚


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