My family and I used to pass by Tarlac every time we were commuting to La Union, but just passing by.


The very first time I’ve been here literally was when I was invited by a friend in Concepcion Tarlac once and stayed there for a night. The second time was in the City Proper of Tarlac where I only spend the day in the Mall and went home at night.
Update: December 2019
So I went to Paniqui Tarlac (DFA) on 11th of December 2019 to apply for Jan Francisrain’s passport. Too bad that we didn’t have enough time to roam around as we spent almost half a day on queue in DFA inside Waltermart, Paniqui Tarlac, not to mention that I felt upset at the outcome of our errand on that day…but we only managed to go out and have lunch somewhere around the area.
Department of Foreign Affairs- Tarlac

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