Night at the Museum

BAHRAIN MUSEUM- Finally, we’ve been able to take the toddler to the National Museum!

As far as I know, this is the largest and oldest only Museum in Bahrain (oh well, correct me if I’m wrong) and it’s one of BH most popular tourist attractions.

Going inside the complex, you will see archaeological artifacts collection of Bahrain’s history.

The Museum consists of halls which named as:

  1. Hall of Dilmun
  2. Hall of Dilmun Graves
  3. Hall of Tylos and Islam
  4. Hall of Documents and Manuscripts
  5. Hall of Customs and Traditions
  6. Hall of Traditional Trades and Crafts

And from all of that, what I loved most in the exhibit are the Hall of customs & traditions where you get to see how they recreate Bahrain and their customary daily life years ago before the technology, their tradition for childbirth, childhood, what they do for a living, source of income, their household & structure, their fashion, how they get married, and a lot more of their culture and of course ,the Hall of Traditional Trades & Crafts & their recreation of the tradition Bahrain souq (marketplace), where you will enjoy looking at the small shops complete with grocery store, barber shop, bakery, carpenter, tobacco shop, vegetable shop, goldsmith among others.

I always enjoy going back to the Museum and even how many times I’ve been there before, three or four times, I guess but years in between, it always feels like the first time for me, but naturally, I enjoyed it better today with Jan Francisrain!

I just don’t know if the toddler enjoys as much as I did, but at least just taking photos of him in there for my record and souvenir is a lot more fun for the Nanay! 🙂

Please enjoy some of the photos taken by yours truly;

The Main Entrance
The City gate- The Entrance to the Island centuries ago
Everyday living
The structures
Dilmun Graves

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