Be More with Less- Minimalism

Understanding the word “minimalism” only depends on how you apply this to your life. I have this unique practice of minimalism according to my preference since I do have a lot of personal belongings at home like women’s stuff and I do buy things always in a pair in case I ran out of the other ones.

I believe that if you are happy with your 1000 personal stuff and belongings and it makes your life better and served their purpose, then no need to get rid of them. It’s actually just a matter if you are no longer happy with these clutters and stress and consumerism, then you have to break free and get rid of the valueless stuff.

My Online Life:

I practice minimalism in a way that I do not add random friends in any of my other social media like FB and only those I personally know or at least have interaction with.

I don’t follow many people on IG, since I could always use the search tool if I want to check something or anyone. I even remove some of my posts and photos whenever I get the feeling it’s too crowded.

I tend to unfollow people on FB (but won’t remove them from my friend list) if they are super active I always find them on top of my newsfeed for no reason at all, (but hey, let me just remind you that I have nothing against that since it’s their prerogative but if their visibility started to annoy me, then I will simply unfollow, bitching inside, some people deserved to be unfollowed, haha), kidding.

My Real Life:

Getting rid of valueless stuff. I do de-cluttering on a regular basis to get rid of the things I don’t want anymore and donate these items in the donation boxes found everywhere on the streets here like clothes, shoes, and bags that are still good and reusable.

I don’t buy things on impulse, not unless I can’t live without it, haha. I always think before I buy. I do not hoard things and just keep them in the flat. If you happen to visit our flat, you will only find whatever we actually need. There are no many decorations, (I called them a wall flower) and stuff that we don’t need much.

I like my home to be simple and less eye-sore. I have only few sets of everything from kitchen wares to beddings, what’s wrong with wash and use, anyways?

Be happy. Be content in everything you’ve got not to mention save and invest. This will definitely help you in the future.

Detaching my Personal life to my career life. Yeah, that may sound odd, but it helps a lot. I go to work mainly with the purpose to work only. It may sound rude, but this is the best way not to drag yourself with people who don’t have anything to do with your real life.

Having one partner in life, immediate family, and few really good friends. What else do you need?

This lifestyle requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. But with this, I get the privacy and the freedom I’ve always wanted in life.

Remember, fewer people, less stress, fewer things, more appreciation, simplified life, a happier life!

There you go my simple ways of practicing Minimalism at its best. You may give it a try.

Originally posted on my Tumbler account & Blog it with Chesca way back 2017.

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