Isabela is the second largest province of the Philippines and the largest on the island of Luzon in the land area. Its capital is the city of Ilagan.
I’ve been  here just once with a friend a very very long time ago for just a day trip via commute. It was  only a back and forth trip so we were not able to explore the City that much. 

Update: 06.01.2020


The next time I came to visit was in  2019 when we went to visit my husband  hometown in Nueva Vizcaya and the next day, they took us for a little trip in Santiago, Isabela, (I think it is a Robinson Mall) for a lavish lunch and later went to visit some of their relatives in Quirino Province. I’ve had a lot of photos taken along the way as I enjoyed the sight of trees and valleys and rice hills, and for someone like me who were used to a City like Cabanatuan  with just a little nature and mostly Commercial districts, this kind of view is definitely good to see.

A few months later after I gave birth to our son, We went two times again in Isabela, the first time was when we applied for our Son’s passport in DFA, Santiago. It was few days after the NY 2020 and the first available DFA is in Santiago, Isabela. Actually, I’ve been to DFA Tarlac a few weeks ago but we we’re not able to get one due to missing requirement.  The second time was going back to my hometown in Cabanatuan City  when we decided to take the road trip  via the long- way started from  Isabela, Qurino province, Dinadiawan, Baler and some parts of Nueva Ecija as we wanted to see the nearby places. It took us one full day trip that started at 5AM and reached my place at past 7 in the evening along with our side stops to road-side restaurants to freshen up, eat and walk a little. On this trip, we were able to see some Eco Tourism Park in Vizcaya, the Landingan View point in Quirino, some beach side in Dinadiawan and Baler before reaching our destination.


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