Waha Water Splash Park

Have you ever tried taking your kids to BH Water Splash park located in the cozy Lagoon Park in Amwaj Island?

It’s a perfect place for kids to unwind and play with this variety of water features & kids play, magical sprays, fountains, splashes, streams, ponds and spectacular lighting!

For everyone’s knowledge, this is just a stand-alone splash water park where kids will just run and play with water splash and showers, zero-depth, and no pool, but for sure, every kid will love it.

More so, this is the best place where you can allow your kids to run around and play with water for as long as they want without mum worrying too much about the safety, (but you have to keep an eye on your toddler of course) zero depth and flooring made of rubberlike poly soft splash pads that is safe for the kids, even toddlers.

We brought our little toddler during the long second Eid Holiday to experience this park as he really loves water, the beach, the pool and even taking long showers and I’m confident he would surely enjoy the place, and I was right!

Since it is still in the middle of the summer, I thought of going by late afternoon in time for the sun to go down. I thought by going there mid-afternoon would be very hot for the toddler but surprisingly, it’s not. I actually felt cold in between plays as I just realized that the water is temperature-controlled.

The park is open from 12pm until 10pm in the evening. We came at 4pm and stayed until evening.

Surely, this is one of the memorable experiences my child will treasure for a lifetime.

Definitely, every kid will surely enjoy the WAHA Splash Club, and so Am I! 🙂

See you there!

WAHA SPLASH CLUB- At the Lagoon, Amwaj Island- Bahrain


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