Looking for a  private beach this summer?


BAHRAIN SAILING CLUB-  Located in Az Zallāq in the Southern Governorate Region, 25 mi from Al Khobar, Bahrain Beach Resort features free WiFi in all areas, a private beach area, and water sports facilities. Bahrain Beach Resort is part of Bahrain Sailing Club.



The first time I went there was a few years back with my friends on a weekday working day. That’s why as you could see, the beach was empty 🙂 which actually made us feel that we have the beach all by ourselves!


We stayed here overnight, and we rented a room with full amenities for BHD25 that time…and it feels good as if we rented the whole place!







The second time around was with a group of friends on a weekend and the beach was a little bit crowded. We stayed there until mid of the night, swim all day, did some grilling and all.


During our Church get together….and a few more times with friends.



Bataan (/bɑːtɑːˈɑːn/; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Bataan; Kapampangan: Lalauígan ning Bataan) is a province situated in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Its capital is the City of Balanga. Occupying the entire Bataan Peninsula on Luzon, Bataan is bordered by the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga to the north.

I’ve been to Bataan, particularly in Balanga when I had my On-the-job- training during my Caregiving course. It was in Bahay Puso-  Home for the aged located in Sitio Mathay, Upper Tuyo, Balanga City.

It was quite a very memorable OJT as here,  We happened to interact first hand with our Filipino elders. I gained a lot of experience, a real experience dealing with them that is far different and more difficult compared to when you were just doing your demo of Basic life support, First aid, Infant bathing, and others at school using dolls and mannequins.


So, it was actually not an Out of Town trip from my side, but a part of my studies. But then, I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot during my stay. It’s just bad that I didn’t pursue my career as a caregiver coz I went to a different path to my BS studies.

Rj and Me


01.   Friends.

Early 2013- Known this guy for the past 4 years but never in my life I thought that one day, four years later, after being acquainted for so long, I would learn to like this guy…not to mention that this is the person I will soon call my husband.

My idea of him was quite not good since I was fed wrong information about his personality by our common friends.

We used to be in a group eating/ drinking together with some of our common friends and right there and then, I defined him as an alcoholic, loud and irritating, war freak, brutally frank, but funny kind of guy.

During that time, I’ve seen this guy in his worst, a drunk, haggard, dirty and smelly, eats like a pig/dragon, (sorry for the word, my love), sometimes he would look like he has never gone into the shower for days, walking with messy hair,  wrinkled bacon shirt with holes on it, like he has gone out to buy a bottle of vinegar for his mother only then he decided to go see his friends. Straightforward to everyone. Someone who always does the talking, and usually the loudest and the goofiest one in any conversations.

But hey, It’s not something that would make you dislike him, he may sometimes get the nerve off you, Frank, intimidating, irritating, disturbing, annoying and very vulgar, but you know, it’s just something that he is very real, comfortable and at ease with his friends.

During the entire four years, we happened to talk and chat from time to time and some days I would seek for his advice regarding some of the issues I have dragged myself into and in fairness, he would give me one good piece of serious advice. Though we may differ in most of our point of view and ways, well at least I could still get something useful from him.

Fast Forward!

02.   A little more than friends.

Late 2015- Sometime later, After hibernating for a while, I happened to rekindle my communication with him on a regular basis again. But this time, it was not something you would treasure afterward.

During this time, he was  in the stage of just-recently-recovered-from-a-very-bad-relationship and I was then renewing and trying my best to survive an almost about to fail relationship for the nth time again, (Well actually, I’m only trying my hard- best to save/stay in a relationship that is no longer beneficial to me in all aspects, I just don’t want to waste the time and effort though I’m really fed up!) then we crossed each other’s path. A different him and a different me. No more other friends around. Something happened that I wouldn’t want to elaborate much but it ended questionably as there was no beginning nor an end.

He comes and goes and most of the time pissed me off – that this guy would only come and fool around. In short, it was just one of those yeah, just one-of-those kind of whatever I have around and even worse than that, because this guy has the nerve to name that relationship. It took sometime before we finally lost in touch but continued to remain as good friends, and casual chats from time to time, forgetting what happened in between.

 03.   Lovers

2016- A few months later, after our PH vacation, before the end of the year, I was out with friends (Marriot Hotel) having a couple of drinks when he chatted me again. This time, he gave me the best laugh I ever had in my life for years when he invited me out to spend a night with him in a hotel. Polite as I always am, I do not want to humiliate this guy for telling me that he wants to spend some time with me with all his naive honesty though later apologizing for being frank, I gave this one a good laugh.

Doubtful about his intentions, I reminded him as a joke that he forgot the promise he made before leaving for vacation the previous year.

He invited me for a dinner at his home (not in the hotel, but a home-cooked meal prepared by him) and from there, he gave me a NIKE Airmax rubber shoes as a gift for all the occasions we missed. I was expecting a very aggressive RJ but no, he was not.

We’ve been constant chat mate and running mate for the next few days after that. He would also come from time to time to bring me food at home. A few days later, while we were at his friend’ s house he told me that he would buy me rubber shoes again the next day for my workout. True to his promise he did that, plus some other stuff from Victoria Secret.  Since that day onwards he kept asking when to see me again or if he could see me again the next day even when we are still together, which is very unlikely of him that made me wonder what’ sup with this guy these days? Few more days again he told me he would take me to the salon to fix my hair, and at the same time on the same day, he gave me a paired watch, one for him and one for me.

Still doubtful, I was getting surprised by his recent actions and one night he told me that he has feelings for me and at the same time he felt bad about the feelings because it might cause him another heartbreak to have someone who will take advantage of him again. I could sense somehow that he is real as he looks at me in a different way this time, like with so much love and affection and would always give in to my whims, but I’m the one who wasn’t that sure about my feelings. I liked him as a friend, and  I’m getting used to being with him most of my afternoons but nothing very serious at that time, but then he showered me with kindness and caring ways.

04.   Today

2017- And the rest is history.

I have seen different RJ. Thoughtful and caring. Articulate. Educated. Not so reserved/ refined (straightforward) in some ways but tolerable. Would serve you like a Queen. Would do everything for you I would say. Would always please you in any way that he could.  Would always ask to see you. Would always prepare food and drinks for you. Would even do the laundry for you. And yes, would spend money for you.

I don’t know how it happened or what made him love me like that because I do not see anything special in me, but it happened, and we were not able to control everything afterward.

Spending straight six months with him has a lot of adjustments, ups and downs, highs and lows, petty quarrels, but I know this is a one real love,  or  I may  call it a developed love thru the years, four years in the making, but one thing I confidently sure, we love each other.

05.   Future

But of course, you have no hold of where the future might take you, but then if ever, in case there would come a time that you are no longer with me, I would say that you are one of the kindest men I had ever encountered in my whole life.

06.   Conclusion

One thing I have learned in this relationship is that there are really some people out there who would do everything for the person they love. Been in a lot of relationships before but never I did something like this to anyone, to be honest, like how you would take care of me and all my needs every day.

And yeah, in every relationship that we got into, we always had something new and something different to learn and vice versa.

And for that, I want to extend my sincerest thanks for everything.

Now and the days to come.


Update: 2018

Happily Married for more than a year now. With all the ups and downs, highs and lows, thick and thin, occasional fights and a lot of laughter afterward, I’m happy to say that we are still here! Managed to conquer all the trials we faced and will continue to pass all the ordeals that we have to face- together.

Steak Lovers

For the record, Steak, medium or well done is my comfort food ever, this is my simple pleasure. Whenever I’m out to reward myself, Steak is always my first option.

And since this is my best food, here are the types of steak cut;

  1. Tenderloin- I believe that this is the most expensive cut of steak. This is usually taken under the ribs. The meat is lean and usually cut in thick slices.
  2. Sirloin- Boneless.  Behind the ribs and comes with a little fat throughout the meat.
  3. T-Bone-  Bone-in. Just as its name, it comes in t-shape bone with meat on both sides with fat on the sides of the meat.
  4. Rib Eye- Boneless or bone-in. Lots of fat throughout the meat.

I happened to track down almost all the Steaks-houses within the area. If you are looking for the best steak, here are some places where you can find the best steak ever.

The best I’ve been- Bennigans, Bahrain



Location: Avenue 22, Bahrain

Phone: 1781 3750





Location: Murjan Centre, City Center



Le Jardin

Location: Ramada Hotel, Adliya




Le Chocolat



This may look strange, a steak in a disposable plate, but this is actually in Sheraton Hotel 🙂




Zyara is a Local Restaurant in Bahrain, but they served a very nice Steak too.


Mei N Yu

Mei N Yu, Amwaj Lagoon

Phone: 1601 0160


My Personal Chef  🙂

And of course, who else wouldn’t love RJ homecooked steak? 🙂

If you are in BH and looking for the best steak, don’t forget to check out these places.



Over a year ago, during our vacation to the Philippines, We happened to check some of the nice Restaurants within Metro Manila area and near Nueva Ecija. Then, my Grandmother suggested that we should go and try the new branch of Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Talavera Nueva Ecija which is fortunately very near to Cabanatuan City. I had no idea as to when it was first opened in Talavera, but I guess it was sometime in 2017. I remember when we planned to go to the same branch somewhere in Tarlac a few years ago during my vacation as well but couldn’t able to.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

To refresh with, Isdaan Floating Restaurant is a Theme restaurant that offers homey Filipino food along with a good ambiance that is perfect for family gathering.

There is also “tacsiyapo” wall where you are able to throw mugs, plates, or bowls on a specific part of the wall while shouting “tacsyapo”, which is a great way to vent your emotions and a stress reliever for everyone but unfortunately, it isn’t available that time.

I forgot what we ordered but it is a meal set good for a family of 10  and we had a variety of chicken, fish, pork, vegetable, and dessert for something like PHP5,500++.

We chose the floating dining hut and after the meal, we had the chance to roam around the park and took photos from the sculptures everywhere and the small pond with a lot of fish that you could also feed. But since we went on dinner time, I couldn’t able to snap nice photos from my phone camera and how I wish again that I had a better cam, haha!

Anyways, here are some of our photos taken;











What to eat in Bahrain

Food, Drinks, and Dine.

When visiting any country, the very first interesting to know is their Traditional Food. Living in a different Country requires you a lot of adjustments according to their culture and traditions, rules and regulations and other things particularly food. Living here for more than a decade, I have learned to embrace and mix with the Country’s entire Standard of living according to their norms.

Tbh, you wouldn’t have a hard time blending in the Country and with the people due to the fact that this Island is inhabited by a lot of expats from around the world and since this place is not that very conservative, mingling with the locals is a common practice. In addition to that, you would learn to love their food which is mostly made of spices but quite tasty.

Bahrain Staple Food

  1. Machboos- One of the most famous Bahraini dishes is machboos, which is made up of meat or fish served with rice.


2. Ghoozi-  This is grilled lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onions, and spices.


3. Sambooza-  This is very addictive. This is either cheese or meat or vegetable wrapped to a  triangle shape in spring roll wrapper and deep fried. This is good for a starter.


4. Shawarma- Well, shawarma is very famous Middle Eastern food. Middle Eastern meat preparation based on the döner kebab of Ottoman Turkey. Originally made of lamb or mutton, today’s shawarma may also be chicken, turkey, beef, or veal, cut in thin slices and stacked in a cone-like shape on a vertical rotisserie.


5. Hummus- Hummus is a Levantine dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. It is popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, as well as in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe.


These are only a few of the Bahrain food you must try. There are still a lot to name with that you would only find here; such as grills, tikka, kebab, lamb chops, broasted, a different selection of sweets and desserts like baklava, halwa, kunafa, umm alli and others.

Whenever you are in the Country, don’t ever leave without trying any of these. Definitely, you will love all this food.

About Me


Three years ago, I blogged about “10 Real Facts About Me”. Since I wrote almost the entire Everything About Me in there, this is just a breathing space of the Basic things about myself.

1. My most favorite food is steak whether it’s a Sirloin or a T-Bone, or Tenderloin, medium done. Whenever I’m out to dine, I would always choose Steak as my first option in every Restaurant.

2. I love taking photos but I don’t post selfies on a regular basis except on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Holidays or whenever I’m on vacay in the Philippines with my family. Idk, it’s just that I don’t like my face to be always visible in everyone’s homepage every day, the same as I get easily annoyed by random friends who are posting their day to day photos and the things they do for no reason at all, I’m more likely to unfollow them.

3. Coffee shops- I could not consider myself as a coffee addict. Why I like coffee shops like Starbucks, Caribou, Coffee Bean and the others is to have my moment of silence. I’d love to sit outside the coffee shop, alone or with friends, kill some time, put on my earpads and listen to music, browse on the net while looking around. I could stay there alone for hours coz this is my way of relaxing and meditation, especially during my irritable days.

4. People think I’m snub at the beginning. But I guess when you get to know the real me, you might also change your thoughts about me, haha! It’s just that I value personal space and privacy more than anything else and I don’t open my life easily to anyone except for those who are really close to me. I’m minimalist to people. I prefer to be with a few people. I enjoy being with a large group of friends outdoors but I only confide to few especially my personal life. Like the Bible Quote: “Do not tell your left hand what you’re right hand is doing…”

5. I have standard patience due to my OC problems. But I could be easily comforted too.

6. Huge Fan of Queen- One of the greatest Band ever lived. Music is the only thing that could easily divert my mood from being happy to sad to melodramatic, to sentimental.

7. I don’t splurge on anything. But I do pamper myself at times but only on things I could afford. Smart buying at it’s best. I have this mentality to “Live within my means”. I don’t pretend I’m a “can afford” when it’s really not in reality. For me, the kind of showing-off and bragging whatever material things they have, whether money or accessories, are just people craving for attention.

8. Just like everyone else, I crave for attention, validation, love, and acceptance from the people I love. Do not ever reject me or I’ll crack up and flip out, hahaha!

9. I’m not super thin, and in fact, my figure changes from time to time, from chubby to skinny and vice versa. I guess it comes from the family that’s why I do keep track of what I eat and do regular exercise. Another thing is, I eat very little (not because I’m watching my diet but because I get full easily), but I still don’t get to that super skinny thing even how little my food intake.

10. And finally 10, hmmm, what else? My Favorites!!! My favorite brand of clothes, bags & accessories and shoes are Esprit, Mango, Nine West, Forever 21, H&M, and yeah, underwears from Bench, my fave cologne is from Victoria Secret, my fave chocolates are M&M & Reese.

I never think about buying super expensive brands as I would rather keep the money for something important. Oh well, maybe if I get super rich! But since we are just a little over the standard-class people, then I should better live like that.

Bahrain National Day


What I did on Holiday?

Oh well, of course, the first night, as usual, was spent with RJ, it’s like we were drinking (moderately) and binge-watching plus a lot of sleeping (and home-food) since Thursday night, 13.12.2018. We were planning to go in the mall on 16.12.2018, the actual first day of the two day National Day but I got a message from my friend Nicole and suggested that we should meet up, have dinner and go for bar-hopping.

Since I don’t get to see much of Nicole these days, haha, (we used to live together in one flat like until mid-2017 until she moved out and I also moved out of my flat of three years to our new flat with RJ) so RJ and I agreed to go out the next day to be able to meet my friend.

She took me to a Chinese Restaurant (Beijing Restaurant) for dinner. Been there a few times years ago (as in really years ago, maybe around 6 years ago). They gave us free Chinese prawn crackers as soon as we arrived and then we ordered dumplings for a starter, iced tea for refreshment, vegetable fried rice, and beef with pepper sauce something (I don’t know the name of the dish). It is beef with oyster sauce topped with a  lot of onions and pepper and red chilis.


The beef was recommended by Nicole which is tbh, exquisite and appetizing. The servings are actually good for two to three person so we didn’t order anything more and in fact, we still have to take away the remaining portion divided to two, (one for Nicole and one for my husband to try).

They served us chocolate ice cream (it’s like a hot fudge with banana) afterward as a complimentary dessert.


Address: Villa 576, Road 3819, Block 338. Adliya

Open ⋅ Closes 3PM ⋅ Reopens 6PM
Phone: 1771 7969

We had to walk back to the paid car parking after dinner. Check out these nice photos I’ve taken while walking on the streets of Adliya, (I wish I have a better cam). It is a holiday mood so the area is dimmed with beaming lights. There are a lot of people walking along the streets and sitting on the tables outside every restaurant but I wasn’t able to take a lot of snaps.


We went bar hopping to three bars on an entire night. Our first stop was in Apollo where we had a glass of vodka with pineapple. The place was still empty when we arrive since it’s still early. We stayed for another 30 minutes listening to the music then we moved to Dublin Bar and I had a martini, and another one, margarita. The martini made me feel a little bit tipsy as it is strong for me so I changed to Margarita which is way better. Then our last stop is Dublin (where there is more crowd) and I had three glasses of vodka, two vodkas with pineapple and one vodka with cranberry).


Apollo Lounge:  

Located in: Al Safir Hotel & Tower

Address: Building.670 Road.2411 Block.324

Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM

Dublin Bar:

Building No. 256 Road No-40 Juffair.

The One Bar: 

Address: Alfateh, Manama

Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM
Phone: 3336 6659

It was getting a little bit late after bar hopping, so we decided to go to Starbucks Diplomat for a quick coffee then go home. But then Nicole’s friend called her and invited us to drop by for a while to Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel where they are staying.

It is something like a few minutes away from Starbucks so we decided to go. We spent about an hour there, laughing and talking with a few cans of beers (I had one full can of Coors light I guess, but I tried a few sips of this unfamiliar Hawaiian beer in a very strange bottle, haha) while playing throw the dice and drink a beer, oh well, I just named it like that where you have to throw the dice and the other person opposite the table should catch it, otherwise he drink the beer and vice versa.

It was a fun night with Nicole, we never had for a little while since we are both busy at work and we now live in a totally different location unlike before.

It was past 2AM when she dropped me home coz I can’t stay longer than that as my husband won’t sleep until I come home.

That’s how the night ends.

Must Watch- Movies

Since RJ is on vacay, I have a lot of free time these days after work just lying idle at home watching online movies.

And I’m not saying I was bored because definitely not. I was always looking forward to my alone-time every evening, lying on the bed with a bag of chips or anything to munch, dim lights, under my blanket, streaming movies online.

Just sad that every movie I picked to watch always turned out to be a good  Lovestory with a sad ending.

But I love those!

To name a few,  Here’s the best I’ve seen:


1. EVERY DAY. Oh well, this is the story of a traveling spirit named A who wakes up each morning in a different body. Never to the same person again, and never on the same body twice.Until he wakes up to the body of one teen named Justine and fell in love with Rhiannon,  the girlfriend of that person. From day onwards, he tried to communicate with Rhiannon from different bodies and they fell in love. But of course, how could a story like that end up happy? At the end of the film, A decides to find a true-love for Rhiannon, a real person and not a soul while he keeps traveling from body to body but leaves a track by posting photos on Instagram.

I like the song from the film,

“Well you didn’t wake up this morning ‘cause you didn’t go to bed

You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red

The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off

You’ve been reading some old letters

You smile and think how much you’ve changed

All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those daysYou pull back the curtain

And the sun burns into your eyes

You watch a plane flying

Across a clear blue sky

This is the day, your life will surely change

This is the day when things fall into place….”


2. MIDNIGHT SUN. Well, actually doesn’t really seems original but I loved the flow of the story. With no dull moment. A girl who had a rare disease that she couldn’t be exposed to sunlight. She had a long time crush since childhood and eventually, they fell in love until the day of her death.


3. MEET ME IN ST.GALLEN. This is a Filipino Film. An artist met an aspiring musician one day and spent the entire day with him and though they created a great impact on that day, they went on separate ways at the end of the night like a total stranger just so not to spoil that wonderful perfect evening and only to meet again several years later at the same coffee shop where they first met but then the guy is already engaged to someone else, but this time, they made love only to part ways again both with heavy hearts and to meet again two years later when the guy followed her  to Europe and proposed to her that he realized he loved her and that he didn’t pursue the wedding plans only to find out that she is now in love with someone else and wouldn’t change her life just because he has changed his. But you can clearly see that they both have a fascination with each other…a real love that is always at the wrong time.

It’s really heartbreaking. How could be two people that you know is so much in love with each other couldn’t be together until the end? Another sad ending.


4. 100 TULA PARA KAY STELLA. Another Filipino Film. This is the story of two College Students who met and became the best of  friends while they were still freshmen, and all throughout the film which is the entire duration of their College days, the guy is secretly in love with her though he couldn’t say it loud because he had a speech problem, but he writes poem for the girl to express his love (and made 100 poems) and when he finally had the guts to show to her, and tell her that he had loved her from the beginning,  the girl is already married to someone else who was there during the time when she was really down and hopeless and nowhere to go. They remained friends since then but the heartache the love caused both of them is really devastating! It’s really heavy to accept the pain.

And the heartache these films gave me is also incomparable, haha. But really, I enjoyed it.

I’ve seen a few more, but I guess this four is enough for now.

Highly recommended!

Review- Meteor Garden 2018- Things I love and Hate

My thoughts about Meteor Garden-2018- NETFLIX


As much as I liked the Meteor Garden I, I equally like the 2018 version which I completed in less than a month in NETFLIX. 🙂

Though some may differ from the old version, I have listed the things I love and hate about this series.


1. DYLAN WANG – Oh well, have you seen how cute, charming, and boyish at the same time & extremely handsome this guy is? Just his smile will definitely melt your heart right away!


Although I’ve fallen in love with Jerry Yan as well in the first version which actually made me think of flying to Taiwan to see him 15 years ago, Jerry Yan’s bad boy look image with a touch of silliness & childishness won my heart on this one, but Dylan Wang’s portrayal of Daoming Si is nonetheless perfect! He also nailed the bad boy effect! Not to mention that he actually got the looks of a very spoiled rich-kid in this version, complete with different outfits, long coats, and sweaters, while Jerry Yan’s character wasn’t that convincing because he didn’t establish the real looks of a rich kid, but he’s equally cute tbh.

2. DARREN CHENG- As Hua Ze Lei! Yaey! Just like Dylan Wang, I got to like Darren Cheng as Hua Ze Lei so much too! With his tantalizing eyes and cute lips. His seriousness with a ready smile at the corner of his lips & the eyes that says a thousand words every time he stares is really just WOW!


3. THE OUTFITS/ THE LOCATIONS/ THE VISUALS– Just like what I have mentioned earlier, the F4 wardrobes, the filming locations, the visuals are superb. They stabilized the concrete idea of being rich & popular, who all comes from a well-known family, whose able to afford everything including traveling overseas whenever they want and lots of partying.

4. THE STORY- Of course, what else is better than the story itself? I literally cried a river on Daoming Si & Dong Shancai’s Love story, I almost felt that I’m actually a part of this story (and not to mention that I sometimes feel like I’m actually Shancai, doing the same facial expressions, saying the same translated words, lol but not on purpose, haha!)

5. THE DIALOGUES- Who wouldn’t melt a heart with Daoming Si’s expression of his true love with Shancai? Like he will run and chase after her wherever she goes? Like he will never ever give up, not in the past, not in the present and definitely not in the future and a lot more! The sparkle on his eyes every time he looks at Shancai with so much love and admiration. Okay, I get it! He is so much in love that he will move everything, even heaven and earth just to prove his point!



1. I occasionally hate Shancai’s for sometimes (at the beginning part) she was not able to show her sincere affection towards Daoming Si and that she couldn’t clearly open her mind to him which is a little different from Barbie Sue’s portrayal. I love Barbie Sue on the original as she possessed the strong & fearless yet naive, nice, down to earth, playful and funny but willful character.

But overall, I like Shen Yue, her big round circling eyes full of surprise and happiness.

2. I DONT LIKE THE DREAM LIKE WEDDING ENDING- Am I the only one who didn’t like the last episode of the series? At first, I thought it was just a dream after they were taken to hospital due to water loss and hunger after a few days of not eating?

I was actually expecting a much dramatic epic wedding full of Love & surprises and a sweet marriage vow and not the dance wedding scene that looks like a dream but turned out to be real after all. I thought they have died or something and this sequence were just part of their hallucination.

3. SEASON II- As they got married in this season, I doubt if there will ever be part II just like the Barcelona version in Meteor Garden I? I really love those!

Oh well, that’s it! Overall rating, I 100% love this one!!! As I’ve’ said, I literally cried a lot in every situation and obstacles/sufferings Shancai & Daoming Si had to face and eventually passed. I’m still not over it as of now. I could still hear the theme songs continuously playing in my ears, the loud, authoritative and powerful voice of Daoming Si as he says the name, “DONG SHANCAI!!!!!!“ and cute little voice of Shancai as she utters the word “ DAOMING SII”

…And Dylan Wang, I think I’ve fallen in love with you, lol


Can’t wait for the sequel!