Life Changing Moment- a different Travel Misadventure

A little bit personal about my travel experience, 2021.

Never thought that the supposed to be “bakasyon grande” (grand vacation) would turn into a horrible tragic experience. I have read a lot similar experience from some other bloggers and articles but never thought we would experience the same.

And yeah, I’m still going through a rough and depressing time of my life and somehow it affects my rational reasoning, my emotional feelings, and mostly, my patience. It’s still at the beginning. I will still go through the lengthy process of healing, and that for sure is a test of faith.

I always do things on my own, and being dependent on anyone physically is super depressing. Everyone knows how OCD I am, and I love to organize things/ do a lot of house cleaning on a daily basis according to my way and that includes a lot of physical activity not to mention I have a toddler to take care of but since I got into this freak accident, I’m now immobile for the next few weeks after the surgery, and it’s really hard and frustrating.

So, just 19 days of our vacation, I accidentally tripped on the slope and broke my ankle while carrying my toddler in the mountain(my husband’s hometown).

We went to the mountain (Nueva Vizcaya) two weeks after we landed to the Philippines to go nature tripping. It’s evident how much I love traveling and sightseeing and mostly nature tripping, photography, and documenting the same. All are well planned. Everyone is excited. I have been looking forward to this Philippine vacation although it’s a little bit tight in the schedule as we have some other important tasks to do and the last thing you would wish when traveling overseas is an accident.

It was an exciting days ahead. We have been sightseeing in the province for the past 2 days, and even went on a terrain going to the top of the mountain to see the magnificent sea of clouds early morning, and it was super lovely! (details about this will be posted on my next update). We also went to see some of the nice places like the garden and the hanging bridge.

And that was it. Early morning the next day, we woke up early and planning to go to the sunflower garden until this freak accident happened. We were taking photos in my in laws front yard in Masoc, (which is actually built in the mountain, with a lot of fruit bearing trees and flowering plants), and tripped myself on the slight slope I didn’t notice. Yeah, it was just in the frontyard! The slope is not deep but the grass are wet at that time as it is always wet and foggy in the mountain particularly early morning and the impact on me was so severe, I broke my ankle. The next thing I knew is that I was rushed into the emergency by an ambulance.

That day

I didn’t know how bad it was and I never expect it to be that bad since it’s not that deep but unfortunately it is, that the doctor advised me to have an ORIF surgery.

That’s the start of my now 2 weeks agony. The fall was so bad and very painful. We went back to my City and scheduled for a surgery.

I had it done on 6th September, which is just 3 days now, but the pain feels like forever now. Child birth is even more easier, I think. It’s very hard moving around the house, mostly going up and down our small staircase in the yard to our unit aside that my balance is very off I couldn’t even stand alone with the crutches. I feel like I have been disabled for a very long time. My patience to do at least small things/simple tasks are even more frustrating as I’m not used to depend on anybody. I’m just putting a toll on myself and everyone around me so I just decided to keep everything as it is, no physical work despite my heart is aching until I can do everything by myself again.

I’m glad that I have family around me who is now taking care of my child, bathing and feeding him, looking after him, washing him , and all the other things I’m supposed to do as a mother. We do not have a personal nanny, but we do have a helper whom I can ask to help around when needed.

One thing I learned about this accident is that we have to value our body and of course our health. We used to take it for granted but once you were into an accident, you would actually appreciate life more.

Needless to say, there were times that this accident gives me sadness, frustrations, and depressions. I know this would heal in time but it’s a lengthy process. I have to be on cast for one full month and then as the doctor said, I can put on a bootleg in a month’s time. Recovery is 4 t 6 weeks where I could slowly walk without so much weight but regaining the strength would be about 3 months. Just the thought of the wasted time, more money to spend for my recovery, and my inability to go back to work immediately (in case, I need more time which depends on my healing) plus the thoughts that our bills would pile up on top of the other is additional stress for me. Of course, not to mention that the money we spent for my surgery is not that small, it would rock our budget for the next few months or worse, even a year.

But to keep my sanity, I’m just looking forward to my speedy recovery, looking forward to the time where I would be able to carry my toddler again, to walk him in the park, to do my daily household chores again, and that is making me a little bit positive.

I’m also glad that nothing happened to our child, safe as he is, and for that, I’m truly grateful and thankful to God for not harming my child. Maybe, this happened for a reason, an eye-opener, or maybe this happened to spare me and my family to a worse one.

For now, I have to be positive even during the painful nights, those times I’m losing my patience when I couldn’t be able to go to the toilet myself without the help of others, those nights when I don’t know where to put my body so I could sleep a little bit comfortably… But still I have to, I must.

This is the exact example of the vacation gone bad, just put a humor on it. The grand vacation- (as I called it) turned out to be a super staycation!

Lesson learned: we all have to be extra careful. Accidents happen at any time, anywhere, even right in front of your house, so we all have to be very cautious, always.

Safety first, always. At home or traveling.

Grand Hyatt-Manila

So, my family and I traveled back to the Philippines after exactly a year and a half. If you are following my blog, you would have read how I documented our travel since from the airport, travel guidelines these days, and some helpful tips when traveling.

As I mentioned previously, we all have to go to under a 10 day mandatory quarantine in the hotel designated to us. Fortunately, we have been assigned to a 5-star hotel in Grand Hyatt- Manila.

Grand Hyatt-Manila is a high-end (high-rise building for about 50+ floors I guess) cozy hotel set in a business district of Metro Manila. And believe me, as soon as we enter the hotel premises, I immediately fell in love with its structure.

Welcome Message

And just as we checked inside the room, we were welcomed by this warm note from the monitor.

Our room is located on the 38th floor, (3808 to be exact). It has a floor to ceiling windows allowing us to see the City view right from where we are. We are also provided with free Wi-Fi and smart TV, so definitely we will never get bored while on quarantine.

Small lounge

Our hotel room– We were given a hotel room with big bed facing the glass paneled window, a separate vanity with tub & separate bathroom and a separate toilet, a separate small closet with a sliding door, a small living room/ sitting room with couch and dining area.

Who wouldn’t be relaxed waking up in the morning looking at the magnificent Metro Manila skyline?

We were also provided customary needs enough for the 10 day period such as big bottles of water, sachets of coffee and tea, toilet rolls & tissue boxes, laundry soap and dish washing liquid, and the usual hotel toiletries and vanity kits.

We have our food delivered daily on our doorstep (knock and go) three times a day, breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12pm and dinner at 7 pm. You can also order whatever you need from the hotel at extra cost but it is not allowed to order anything outside.

And these are all-expense-paid from the Government for all the vacationing Filipinos to minimize the spread of Corona Virus.

I was initially worried about our son getting bored for the long stay without going out, but to my surprise, he didn’t and so am I. We both actually adjusted immediately and even started to build our daily routine as always.

My son super loves the warm bath in the tub, probably because the water in BH is super hot especially in the summer that is very much different from the relaxing water in the Phil. I’ m giving him a dip in the tub for about an hour in the morning and half an hour before bedtime and still, going out of the tub is a struggle for me, haha.

But over all, it was like a paid staycation for both of us, just eat, sleep and play and a lot of bonding without having to wake up early morning the next day to go to work as I’m working full time in BH and the only chance I have with my son full time is during weekends and holidays.

Oh well, I know it’s a bit exaggerating to say that I super enjoyed our staycation.

More so, this stay wouldn’t be that comfortable if we didn’t stay to a cozy hotel (thank you) like the Grand Hyatt- Manila, not to mention that the food are great, the staff is all well trained, approachable and with good customer service skills.

Needless to say, this is highly recommended and definitely, would love to go back!

Grand Hyatt- Manila 8th Avenue corner 35th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Manila, Philippines, 1634
Tel: +63 2 8838 1234 | Fax: +63 2 8838 1235 |

Traveling with a Toddler

Planning a long journey with a toddler? Oh, you better be prepared ahead of time as traveling with (a small human being) baggage will not only take a lot of your time but also a lot of space 😂

To be honest, I’m not a light traveler. Whenever I decide to fly, I already had a long list to bring with me listed on my mind before that. And that’s not including the things I have to purchase for my family. That was before the arrival of my son, I used to travel bringing everything I need up to the smallest detail, and in order.

How much more when you are traveling with a toddler?

This is not the first time I long travel with my baby, I brought him to BH when he was just 3 months old in early 2020, just the beginning of the pandemic. And believe me, packing was difficult!

I’m very very paranoid when traveling especially with a baby. I always have so many what if’s going on in my mind like what If I ran out of this and that in the plane and I don’t have anywhere else to get it? What if something happened and I ran out of milk or diaper or water? So to relieve me from paranoia and stressful thinking, I always pack more than what I know he can consume on a normal day. Not only when traveling on a plane but also when we are just going out by car.

And these thoughts are just for the things I have to hand carry in the plane, I still have a lot to think like what to put in our luggage 😂. Have to fast forward my mind for the things he needs for the entire trip.

If you are a person like me, then maybe you can get some tips that could be helpful when traveling with a toddler.

1. Plan ahead- Weeks before traveling, I already purchased extra cans of milk, extra packs of diapers, medicines, and other baby essentials such as wet wipes, etc.

2. Packing- Better to pack the baby bag early in case you might forget something. Good to realize it early than travel and found out you are missing something important. However, you can pack baby clothes later or even a day before traveling.

3. Have a separate check-in luggage/bag only for your toddler things. In that way, arranging is easy and accurate just like arranging his drawer, you will always know what’s missing. Also, there is a minimal tendency to forget something as you would easily see what needs to be there.

4. What’s inside the hand carry bag?

A. Milk- I always have his milk prepared in a milk container for easy dispensing. He couldn’t finish more than 3 bottles overnight but just to make sure I will not ran out of milk on the plane, in a 9 and a half straight flight, we brought 2 milk containers full that can fill up to 8 bottles.

B. Diapers- I brought 5 more extra diapers in the baby bag aside from the diapers in my hand carry trolley.

C. Extra changing clothes- oh well every parent knows this when traveling. Don’t forget to bring a jacket and long pants as it might be cold in the airport.

D. Wet wipes, sanitizers, baby face mask, bib, biscuits.

Note: These are what’s inside the baby bag, I still have a hand-carry full of his extra belongings, even a full can of milk just in case.

5. Baby Luggage- this is the harder part as I have to think in advance all the things he usually needs on a regular day.


A. Food- Cans of milk, baby biscuits, cereals, ready to eat cereals.


B. Vitamins, medicines like paracetamol and flu meds. I brought this specifically because these are the only meds that can make him feel better, 100%. I also pack the thermometer, the baby nailcutter, the saline, and the bulb in case he gets a flu. (I just hope this change of environment and weather will not make him sick, praying)

C. So many extra diapers, (I’ve always trusted pampers premium and pampers premium night. A little handful expensive than the other brand but this won’t even wake him up overnight as it can carry all his wee wee’s without irritating his bottom for the full night, I do not have to change every after few hours) powder, diaper rash cream, cologne.


D. Of course, I have to bring my Bebe toiletries with us. I bought these travel sizes to be compact but in reality, I always get the bigger ones, cheaper than the small ones and for long usage.

E. And the things can’t live without. The ever useful bottle rack ( yes, I have to tag it all along with us, the easiest way to dry the bottles not to have any water residue on it), the bottle cleaner & brush (not in the photo) and his food bowl.

What else?

F. Clothes, shoes and slippers. I brought a lot of extra baby clothes and clothes that would get along in every kind of weather.

G. Baby book/vaccination card- in case you need to see a pediatrician while on vacation, you have the vaccination record with you.

These are “what is inside our bag” lists.

Make sure to make your own list before traveling so you will not rush out afterwards. I know it’s kinda heavy but better to be prepared than to ran out of things.

Oh, and don’t forget the stroller! It will be easy for you to walk around inside the airport with a baby in the stroller so you wouldn’t exhaust yourself too much running after the baby or carry him up throughout the waiting period.

You can’t light travel when you have a baby with you. So, as much as possible it is not advisable to travel overseas particularly these days of covid not unless there is really an important thing to do that can’t wait and you can’t leave the baby that long to anyone. If there is not other choice, better to plan accordingly.

Hope this all helps, mommies! ❤️💙

Travel Guidelines to Philippines latest- August 2021

As the pandemic isn’t over yet, there are still so many travel restrictions in different countries and as the Philippines is on a red list nowadays, travelers, mainly those who are coming international have to face a lot of rules and procedures to comply with.

Moreover, please note that all Filipino Overseas Workers (landbased or seabased) have to go for a mandatory 10 day quarantine upon arrival to Philippines (regardless if you are completely vaccinated or you came from a green list country) to a hotel designated by the OWWA. Glad that it is free of charge, all expenses, food, water and other utilities are provided by our Government.

Additional quarantine of four days will be spent inside your home upon obtaining the negative result of the swab test (PCR) given on the 7th day, which the result will come on the 9th or 10th day along with the certificate that you are cleared (and free to go 😁) from the Bureau of Quarantine (still in quarantine so I have no idea yet, to be updated)

But prior to that, here are some of the guidelines you have to follow before traveling.

1. Booking of tickets– make sure that you ask the airlines if PCR is required before traveling. There are some airlines who requires a PCR from 72 to 48 hrs before departure, so don’t forget about this. As for us, we traveled on a direct flight (9 and half hours straight) via Philippine Airlines (by Gulf Air) and PCR is not necessary.

Our tickets

2. Register- You have to register through google for the following:

A. This is the easiest part. There isn’t so much to fill up and easy to follow. Just provide all the necessary personal details and will not even take you more than 5 minutes to fill up.

B. (this is only required if you are traveling via Gulf Air). Although it’ s a little bit confusing registering at first (I have to register for three person, myself, my husband and my baby), and I wasn’t able to fill it up correctly the first time. So, I’ve tried several times to accomplish. Please read all the questions carefully and repeatedly as there are some confusing questions that needs your concentration as so not to start over again.

C. After finishing the health pass, the site will notify that you have to complete the process by directing you automatically to Again, please read all the questionnaire properly to avoid confusion. This online form will not proceed to the next step with incomplete details.

From what we were told, the health pass will send an email to POLO (I also received a notification email from the site to POLO) to verify if the vaccination details you provided in the form are accurate (make sure to write down your complete vaccination details such as type of vaccine, date and batch number of first dose and second dose, including Health Center where vaccination has been done.

D. Traze App- It is also indicated that we have to install this application. I’ve downloaded it in BH but I don’t know the purpose yet. This is individual registration, again with your personal details in the PH and will give you your own QR code upon completion. So, I guess this is for contact tracing while we were in the Phil.

Once you are done with this, you are now READY TO TRAVEL!

3. Preparation: Dont forget all the travel related documents regardless if you will be needing it or not. Better you have it in advance and photocopied in multiple sets.

A. Yellow card- Health card provided by the Ministry of Health BH for our vaccination details.

B. I expected that the beaware app BH (this is the full app that shows our complete vaccination report, marked green which means that you are fully vaccinated with your own unique QR code, and all other BH information regarding covid like total number of people vaccinated, number of people tested positive, recovered, world covid meter and other information and Govt latest covid news) will log out in the Phil and so, I’m right as I can’t open it in the Phil. It says I have to log again, and when I try to register, it requires a verification code sent to my registered BH phone number which unfortunately I have turned off for safety purpose so, I have printed and photocopied all our details in hard copies prior.

C. Folder- As I’m an OC person as always, I wanted everything to be organized and properly arranged according to my ways, so I have a separate transparent folder/ envelope for all the documents. Having this actually saves time as I do not have to rumble thru our things finding something. The same applies to our luggage, everything in order and packed according to usage. I don’t want to look for things and don’t know where I kept them.

✅ A separate envelope for our passport and tickets.

✅ Another separate folder for other documents such as Health cards, OWWA membership receipts etc.

✅ Big file envelope for the pass books, Bankcards, Phil ID’s and other important files.


The flight was at 8:40pm but we went there by 6pm (left home at 5:30) in case we needed more time to check-in. Actually, checking in at BH airport is always easy, you can even go there an hour before departure but I just assumed we need more time as I thought manpower will be less due to currently implemented 70% workforce.

Not much queues but took a little bit longer than usual to check in as we have to provide the Healthpass (mentioned above). Not to mention that the foreign couple in front of us were having some check in issues (based on their body language and foreign conversation, the airline ground staff has to go and come back for whatever reason)

Finally, got our tickets, passed the immigration and waiting to board.


Noticed that the plane was not even half full of passengers. There were so many vacant seats, and almost half of the plane was empty particularly at the tail of the plane.

We occupied the three seats in the middle and yet the other sides, both left and right was empty, so it was like we have the whole aisle just for us.

I’ve known this from the beginning as these days, airlines will take limited passengers due to covid (social distancing and all) and actually took like a month to confirm our bookings.

And so we fly on a big plane!

Philippines 🇵🇭

While on board, the flight attendant gave us two fill up forms, a yellow and brown small form, one is the arrival form and the other one is for the Quarantine.

As we landed 10 hours later and after the immigration, we were all instructed (all returning Filipino workers) to go to a separate hall (gate A) and they gave us another small white fill up form which the staff told us, for OWWA. After a small briefing, (like where to go next, what to do next, rules and procedure for quarantine, do’s and don’t while in a quarantine and how to go home after the quarantine period)

We were then told to collect our baggage and head to the OWWA counter. We gave them the white form we filled up in gate A and from there, they gave us three meals and water, a small booklet (which indicates the hotel we were heading to, the Grand Hyatt for us- it’ s a five-star hotel anyways), and then we went straight to the big bus outside that will take us there.


Grand Hyatt- This is now where the slight inconvenience happens upon reaching the hotel. As we are traveling with a baby, it gets a little inconvenient waiting inside the bus for more than an hour as the passengers have to go in the hotel one by one, set of two to be exact.

From the bus we have to transfer to a van (which is actually in front of the hotel already, and just by going inside, we still have to ride the van that goes in the parking floors underneath)

We didn’t pass by the actual reception, but in a different room that looks like a make shift reception, maybe it is intended for the vacationing OFW’s only. All the staff there are in full gear PPE, covered from head to toe, a little exxageration but if that’s the rule then be it, better to be safe than sorry, right, because what if we are a carrier of virus, so better be cautious.

The staff are all warm and approachable in fairness, and they were all ready to answer whatever questions we have in mind.

Again, we have to provide all our details (they took our passports and register it in their log)

Please note that even a family has to be in a separate room, so I’m with the baby and my husband is in next door to mine. We asked if we can be in one room together but we were told that it is a strict rule to comply with a one-person, one-room policy.

Finally in the hotel room!!!❤️

The hotel room is super cozy, we (my son and I, haha!) super love it! With a glass paneled window that allows me to open up the curtains and see the full view outside, big comfy bed, a separate bathroom and vanity, with a bathtub, a separate toilet, a separate closet, a sofa, and a big TV plus high speed internet connection, what more can I ask for? It’s like a paid staycation for us! (I will write my review about the hotel in a while)

I‘ve also noticed that they provided everything we need for the quarantine including laundry soap and dishwashing soap, big water bottles, a lot of coffee and tea sachets, soaps, shampoo’s, toilet rolls and tissue boxes, towels, vanity kit, and all.

And so we are going to spend 10 days here, free meals for baby and me three times a day. 5 days down, 5 more days to go and as of today, my son and I are enjoying here a lot. My son never gets bored with me and so am I as much as this is also our quality time spend together. We didn’t have much time during the day time in BH as I’m also working full time. Not to mention that this is also one way to train him according to my way not to be a very brat little boy, and as the days passes by, I can see a different Jan Francisrain here, never cries for no reason, can follow simple instructions, knows what not to touch or do and so on, proud Nanay here!

Is it exaggerating or am I the only one who is enjoying the quarantine? 😂

This is it! Please wait for my next blog to follow:

✅ What to expect in Grand Hyatt Hotel- Manila

✅ Tips when traveling with a baby

Teaser photo

The New Bahrain International Airport

And so finally, we are traveling International after exactly a year and a half! We are going for a PH vacation! I know it’s kinda inconvenient to travel these days amidst the pandemic, but we have to go all through these hassles due to some important matter that we have to attend to.

For a starter, please know that we are both (husband and I) fully vaccinated and our son has a flu vaccine, just in case. But still, we have to be extra careful, will still practice social distancing, follow the proper health protocols, and wear mask/ face shield if necessary every day.

So much for the long intro, to begin with, I just want to flex our newly opened ( less than a year of operation I guess) International Airport. Although the old one is not that bad in terms of cleanliness, service and maintenance, the new airport is much bigger and more convenient in many ways!

From the very first time I set foot in an airport, (been to a lot) I have to say that BH Airport is one of the best!

I love traveling, and so, I so much love airports! I just love to be there and wait for my flight. I love the waiting. I love the Duty Free. I even love just to sit down there and eat and watch people’s faces walking around. Oh well, I actually blog why I love airports way back before, just couldn’t help not to write over and over again, (giggles)


This is the Entrance going to the check in. See how it is well maintained and awesome clean.

Sanitizer booth everywhere

You can find sanitizer booths almost everywhere.

A walkway for those who are too tired to walk with heavy bags.😀

And this is what I love the most! A waiting chair that you can actually stretch your legs, lie down and relax, or even take a nap!

Ready to board the big plane, toddler!

Not to mention that the air conditioning unit is very good, my son has to wear a jacket inside despite this mid hot summer season. This is our first time to fly in the new airport and I would gladly say it’s very convenient. I didn’t have much time to roam around as I have a toddler to attend to, but as far from whatever I’ve seen, restaurants, shops, charging stations, smoking areas, toilets with baby changing stations and all, this would be one of the BH greatest pride.

Durrat Al Marina

Durrat Al Bahrain is the third largest artificial island in Bahrain after Northern City and Diyar Al Muharraq Islands.

Durrat Marina is located within the seaside resort of Durrat Al Bahrain offering residential, leisure and retail facilities.

It’s actually almost an hour drive from our place in Gudaibia.

Entrance to Durrat Al Bahrain is limited to those who own villas there or have friends or relatives living there. You can also visit Durrat Marina Yacht Club, which is outside but near to Durrat Al Bahrain. And can hire a jet Ski and ride it around.

We’ve been there once during a Colleague daughter Birthday party celebration. It was actually early January of this year and the weather is still not hot.

The area is super cozy and nice. We brought the baby out (and the weather is super nice) to play in the playground.

He loves the slides, and the swing and sea horse, I guess because he used to watch it daily in Cocomelon.

And then we had a nice little photography session in the gazebo and the pool adjacent to the beach.

Waha Water Splash Park

Have you ever tried taking your kids to BH Water Splash park located in the cozy Lagoon Park in Amwaj Island?

It’s a perfect place for kids to unwind and play with these variety of water feature & kidsplay, magical sprays, fountains, splashes, streams, ponds and spectacular lighting!

For everyone’s knowledge, this is just a stand-alone splash water park where kids will just run and play with water splash and showers, zero depth and no pool, but for sure, every kids will love it.

More so, this is the best place where you can allow your kids to run around and play with water for as long as they want without mum worrying too much about the safety, (but you have to keep an eye on your toddler of course) zero depth and flooring made of rubberlike polysoft splashpads that is safe for the kids, even toddlers.

We brought our little toddler during the long second Eid Holiday to experience this park as he really loves water, the beach, the pool and even taking long showers and I’m confident he would surely enjoy the place, and I was right!

Since it is still in the middle of the summer, I thought of going by late afternoon in time for the sun to go down. I thought by going there mid afternoon would be very hot for the toddler but surprisingly, it’s not. I actually felt cold in between plays as I just realized that the water is temperature controlled.

The park is open from 12pm until 10pm in the evening. We came at 4pm and stayed until evening.

Surely, this is one of the memorable experience my child will treasure for a lifetime.

BH in Real Summer Season

Life in the desert.

Bahrain has two seasons: an extremely hot summer and a relatively mild wet winter. During the summer months, from April to October, afternoon temperatures average 40 °C and can range up to 46 °C during the peak summer time, July and August.

Living here almost all my life, I already got used to the climate including this hot and humid summer time that comes in July and August where you can no longer tolerate the heat outdoors.

But there are still other days in between summer where you can still walk out with a little cool air breeze from the ocean. Yeah, Since BH is an Island surrounded by oceans, you can still find a cold spot in between the areas.

There isn’t much of an recreation/activity during summer aside of course to dip in the pool, swim in the ocean, (we have a lot, public and private beaches all over the Country),take long walks in the parks and walkways (if you can manage the heat), or just walk indoors do some shopping/ window shopping in the malls.

And yeah, you can find a lot of magnificent view that could be the subject of your photography skills! Mine of course is every single view anywhere else, as long as my son is on it!

I always like to walk outside and see the magnificent sunset of Bahrain, it’s really lovely!

I was not feeling well the past days now (since I went to the beach the other weekend and went straight wet to the car after I could no longer bear the heat at 6:30AM), then went for a little grocery shopping the next day, (going in and out of hot and cold temperature, ate ice-cream afterwards, then taraann…! I immediately got a flu the next day following cough the day after, until now, even a week has already passed. But my son always gets bored if he stays the full day at home especially on weekends where he knows somehow we would take him out as always, (he’s at home for the rest of the week), so we decided to take him to THE AVENUES and let him walk and play for a while. This is where I got these amazing photos (I’m beginning to have a talent in photography , I guess, haha!)

The Avenues is a waterfront shopping mall located in Bahrain Bay. It will give you an outdoor feeling while inside the mall (covered with transparent ceiling allowing the sunlight to come in), or you can also go out and walk at the 1.5km stretch seafront, or just sit in the restaurants facing the sea and see the view. It’s really good to sit outside (but not in summer time), eat or have coffee, listen to the centralized soft instrumental music playing all day, watch the sea, watch the people walking, oh well, actually just by staring at the sea is super relaxing for me.

Here are some of my photographs taken in and out of the mall.

BH Skyline

Shopping is also convenient in The AVENUES as it offers a wide range of choices from shoes, bags & apparels, perfumes, children clothing, such as ZARA, H&M, VICTORIA’S SECRET, BBW, Foot Locker, Adidas, Mothercare, among others, and a long line of fine restaurants and fast-food to choose from.

Novotel BH Al Dana Resort & Hotel- Our family first staycation with Rain

It’s our baby, Jan Francisrain first ever Staycation!

It’s not even an Out of Town as it is still difficult to travel out of the Country, aside from the fact that BH is a small Island where you can actually roam around the whole Country in just a day or two, and we are already living in the heart (Capital) of the Country so shall I call it, an “out of the flat” getaway!

Since it’s our Tatay’s (Husband & Father) birthday, we decided to bring our little one to enjoy a one night staycation/birthday celebration in the Hotel for a change.

It’s just sad that BH suddenly implemented a partial-lock-down and only the essential stores are open and all the swimming pools, beaches, malls, recreations, leisure’s & other activities are partially shut-down, we wouldn’t be able to use the hotel facilities like the beach itself, and the pool, and the kid’s play area, but at least we were able to stay indoor and celebrate our Tatay’s birthday in the comfort of our 4-star hotel room in Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort & Hotel.

Set in landscaped tropical gardens in the capital of Manama, minutes from Bahrain’s diplomatic and business areas, Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort & Hotel is a beachside luxury 4-star hotel which offers a wide range of leisure facilities with outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, private beach, fitness center & Spa, traditionally elegant and spacious rooms and a great view.

Our room were upgraded by the Hotel to a large room with an open balcony facing a very scenic view of the beach.

I have seen how our son enjoyed the stay, oh well, at least now he experienced how to sleep away from his usual bed and usual routine, he would run back and forth in the spacious room, jump in the bed, shout in joy, (his usual sound when excited), he would hold your hand and throw it in the door knob (trying to say open the door and let’s go outside), and he super enjoyed the hot bath tub (he might be thinking it’s a pool, as it is his first time in the tub as well).

He had a little tantrum at night (probably the same feeling when you sleep the first time in a certain place you were not used to, you couldn’t sleep comfortably and missing your own bed.) but with Nanay on his side tapping him to sleep, it didn’t take much longer to get the right sleep.

We woke up early morning the next day of 4th June 2021 so we would catch the early morning sunrise not to be very hot (we are almost in the mid of summertime), walked in the vicinity of the hotel just to let him see what’s around, in the pool, near the beach, in the corridor, just before we had our sumptuous full room service breakfast.

Kindly check some of the photos below:

Eid Holiday 2021

Bahrain’s one of the most awaited and longest Holiday is EID break, right after Ramadan. It’s like our very own Christmas season, with gift giving and the likes.

One of our Expatriates privilege here is to be able to get all these holidays- away from the work and office! People usually travel out of the country during these days but since it is still pandemic, and it’s really hassle to travel, most of them ought to stay in the city and make the most of the holiday by just doing activities within the Island.

Actually, there are a lot of activities to do here even when you don’t travel at all. There’s a lot of beach resorts, public beach almost every corner, really nice hotel staycations ranging 3 to 7 stars, indoor activities, outdoor parks & walkways, malls, long drives, outdoor arcades, and picnic groves among others to choose from.

Since it’s holiday, My family spent the most out of it taking our little toddler out for fun and believe me, he really had so much fun particularly the different beaches we went to. He loves the beach so much!

The first day of Eid were spent walking in the mall, the BCC, and since more than half of the population here is already vaccinated, they started to open the cinemas and arcades again providing the green signal from the beaware app that you have done complete vaccination.

The second day, we went for a long drive from Zallaq to Malkiya to Northern City and as usual the small toddler couldn’t hold himself to swim.

The third day was a long drive in the morning, quick take away lunch from Mc Donald’s and then afternoon walk in the park of Arad.

The final day, we went early morning for a breakfast and swim at the beach again! We brought fried rice, egg and hotdog and put up our tent near the sea shore and enjoy the early morning crisp weather of BH.

So this is how we spent the 4 days Eid off not away from home 🙂