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Three years ago, I blogged about “10 Real Facts About Me”. Since I wrote almost the entire Everything About Me in there, this is just a breathing space of the Basic things about myself.

1. My most favorite food is steak whether it’s a Sirloin or a T-Bone, or Tenderloin, medium done. Whenever I’m out to dine, I would always choose Steak as my first option in every Restaurant.

2. I love taking photos but I don’t post selfies on a regular basis except on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Holidays or whenever I’m on vacay in the Philippines with my family. Idk, it’s just that I don’t like my face to be always visible in everyone’s homepage every day, the same as I get easily annoyed by random friends who are posting their day to day photos and the things they do for no reason at all, I’m more likely to unfollow them.

3. Coffee shops- I could not consider myself as a coffee addict. Why I like coffee shops like Starbucks, Caribou, Coffee Bean and the others is to have my moment of silence. I’d love to sit outside the coffee shop, alone or with friends, kill some time, put on my earpads and listen to music, browse on the net while looking around. I could stay there alone for hours coz this is my way of relaxing and meditation, especially during my irritable days.

4. People think I’m snub at the beginning. But I guess when you get to know the real me, you might also change your thoughts about me, haha! It’s just that I value personal space and privacy more than anything else and I don’t open my life easily to anyone except for those who are really close to me. I’m minimalist to people. I prefer to be with a few people. I enjoy being with a large group of friends outdoors but I only confide to few especially my personal life. Like the Bible Quote: “Do not tell your left hand what you’re right hand is doing…”

5. I have standard patience due to my OC problems. But I could be easily comforted too.

6. Huge Fan of Queen- One of the greatest Band ever lived. Music is the only thing that could easily divert my mood from being happy to sad to melodramatic, to sentimental.

7. I don’t splurge on anything. But I do pamper myself at times but only on things I could afford. Smart buying at it’s best. I have this mentality to “Live within my means”. I don’t pretend I’m a “can afford” when it’s really not in reality. For me, the kind of showing-off and bragging whatever material things they have, whether money or accessories, are just people craving for attention.

8. Just like everyone else, I crave for attention, validation, love, and acceptance from the people I love. Do not ever reject me or I’ll crack up and flip out, hahaha!

9. I’m not super thin, and in fact, my figure changes from time to time, from chubby to skinny and vice versa. I guess it comes from the family that’s why I do keep track of what I eat and do regular exercise. Another thing is, I eat very little (not because I’m watching my diet but because I get full easily), but I still don’t get to that super skinny thing even how little my food intake.

10. And finally 10, hmmm, what else? My Favorites!!! My favorite brand of clothes, bags & accessories and shoes are Esprit, Mango, Nine West, Forever 21, H&M, and yeah, underwears from Bench, my fave cologne is from Victoria Secret, my fave chocolates are M&M & Reese.

I never think about buying super expensive brands as I would rather keep the money for something important. Oh well, maybe if I get super rich! But since we are just a little over the standard-class people, then I should better live like that.

Author: Chescadventures

Sharing Life and everything in between, Travel and Adventures through my passion for writing. For more Blogs- Follow blogitwithchesca.wordpress.com

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