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My Birthday wish list starts and ends with you…but since you weren’t here, then I might as well enjoy it with my friend, Nicole.

The second night of my week-long Birthday celebration.  I have been to one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been, Brazil Lounge, which is familiar with all you can eat and drink dining. Salad, barbecue grills, seafood grills, chicken grills, sweets all in one.

It isn’t my first time in the restaurant as we used to go here with my Monday Club/friends for about twice or thrice already, but it is my first time on the bar upstairs.


Cozy dim-lit bar. I liked the traces of orange in a slightly-lit bar.


We had a pitcher of frozen lemon and strawberry margarita and wine.


Plus they gave us this free 2 shots of Brain damaged.


With this exquisite mouth-watering scrumptious meal, ( well, that ’s how I…

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